Didactic panel

Jingyi Jiao

Title: Ambiguous, stage 2015

Jingyi chose Macbeth by William Shakespeare to be her humument. She creates the compositions by using tools of  ink brush pens: black, dark gray, and light gray, papers from Macbeth’s book pages , and the basic ideas of graphic design principle I. The concept used for the first composition is ambiguous, the compositions of the black color and book paper made up a new figure ground. The second page shows the contrast of volume from dark to light, and also squared the word “stage”. Since Macbeth is a famous stage show, she showed that through both the language and design.




Didactic Panel draft

Xingfu, Ye

Born 1997 in Zhejiang, China
Lives and studies in New York

From reading the page of a book, and thinking differently. Making the page to a differently story than the original book. Xingfu recreate the pages in the image of Line and Rhythm by using Pigma Micron 05 and PITT artist Big brush. The first image is representing a great position, where he drew Lines and solid bridges to support the center. The idea was come from the text, where he found the words “great position”. The second image is representing Live and Death, he drew circles and line tap which half was filled in with black ink and leave the other half blank. The idea was also came from the text where he saw the words “dead”, “live” and “spirit”. Xingfu said this is trying to express that live and death is just between one line, the line tap was draw twist to show Rhythm. Circles are represent the spirit.

Didactic post

Brandy Ortiz

Lives and studies in New York

Picture Perfect Family and Love Exists  2015
Pigma Micron Pens(0.2, 0.5 and Brush), Faber-Castell Brush Pen, scissors and various pencils(HB-6B).

While combining concepts from graphic design and linguistic language, Brandy Ortiz made compositions with themes that juxtapose from the original theme from the novel “Brimestone” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. The theme for the pages she constructed shows love while the theme for “Brimestone” is thriller. “The Picture Perfect Family” shows the message from the selected text by making a frame within the margins. The frame was first made by using the pens to make an outline. Then with the Faber-Castell Brush Pen she inked the page while leaving out the selected text to be revealed. The message explains a family that enjoys getting together and the frame makes the text appear to be the picture. “Love Exists” has the text appear from cutting out certain words from various pages to show all on one page. The idea behind the message was that love is a great feeling to have in the world we live in. Most of the page is shaded by pencil and represents low key. The heart shows that love will always be there even when surround by darkness.



didactic panel

Brian Mifsud

When looking at this page we can see that the artist Brian has taken a simple phrase and actually  was able to flesh out and make a connection between the word and the phrase. Using the universal symbol for a thought or an idea, a cloud used mostly in comic books and cartoons as a way of showing that the character has an idea. This design fits very well with the phrase “your idea” outlined on the page. The use of variation of sizes between the clouds helps make the biggest cloud the focal point of the piece. Even the repetition of the clouds helps get across the sense of ideas and thought.

Didactic Panel

Jaichan Kirty
Born 1996 in Guyana
Lives and studies in New York
“Oh! So that’s whats it looks like”, 2015
Sharpie on paper, 7.5″ x 5″

The Portrait of Ivan is about a young boy becoming of age while he is also discovering himself. The Artist has created a new window (a new view) into this book by using over-lapping to create an illusion of a boy, (Ivan) looking through a new page by cutting a square on the next page in the book. The artist uses an X-Acto knife to carefully cut this square out of the page. Also the Artist uses sharpie markers to cover up a huge amount of the pages leaving out a few words that create its own new story. These words creates a whole new meaning of this page. “So that’s what it looks like”.


For the Poster;

Jaichan Kirty
Born 1996 in Guyana
Lives and studies in New York
“Oh! So that’s whats it looks like”, 2015
Sharpie on paper, 7.5″ x 5″

The Portrait of Ivan is about a young boy coming of age while also discovering himself. Kirty uses an X-Acto knife to carefully cut this square out of the page to reveal the Portrait of Ivan that is on the previous page. Also Kirty uses sharpie markers to cover up a huge amount of the pages leaving out a few words that create its own new story; “Oh! So that’s what it looks like”.


Didactic Panel (Emma Is Still Alive)

Upon opening the pages of this piece, an individual will observe many different techniques and ideas throughout, all pertaining to one theme. One can observe a contrast in one page, or overlaps in another, all while telling the same (though gruesome) story. Most pages consist of either ink or pencil compositions, as was the preference of the artist, although it also features paint and cut compositions as well. The original story of Emma was of a young girl who is gifted in matchmaking, though she struggles to find the one she herself can fall in love with. The story takes place in a high class Victorian England, and Emma lives a life of comfort and wealth throughout. Using the idea of contrast, the author manipulated the story into one of horror and death. The compositions, varied in technique, all pertain to a story where Emma, now a viscious and ruthless killer, goes on a bloodthirsty spree.

Didactic Panel (Progress)

Ayano Morishima

Born in Japan, Tokyo
Lives and studies in New York City

Book of Wonder, 2015
Exacto knife, Ink brush pen, and used paper bag book.

Understanding the concepts though the graphic design principle, Ayano Morishima learned different types of technique to use ink bush pens to construct creative, humument book which it made connection with the texts from the book itself. Morishima changed the theme of the book, “Wishes” to more “Crazy Wonderland” concepts. She chose this concept, because she wanted something totally different than the original. The Book of Wonder was created by using Exacto knife to cut open the text at the bottom of the page and placed glue only in the middle on the same place and using the inked brush pen to color the triangular part of the top right corner to show the image of flipping the page and the pop art of book; representing the Book of Wonder. Morishima created this Book of Wonder to show others to see “more” crazy side of original book; the creation of book and the flip page is a door way to the readers vision.

Thendrous Lifowao (Didactic panel)

Shadin Risha

Using the book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, which is about a boy’s life and the ups and downs he experiences as he grows up, Risha changes the theme of the book to focus instead on love and horror. The artist uses black inked pen to cover a huge amount of the page representing contrast, positive and negative space.


The book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao changes the mood as you move on from pages to pages. In this page the artist uses black inked pen to create positive and negative space which creates a visual image with the theme of love which transformed from the main theme of the chapter which was the main charecter’s bad luck.


In this page of the book the theme of culture is transformed. The artist focuses more on the words to create a physical reading story instead of creating a story just by the visual aspect of the page. This way the viewers has a more of a solid story that’s right front of their face. The theme of the new story is breaking the barriers.


In this page of the book the theme is horror. It give the reader both a reading and a visual story. It ties together all the different moods and transformed into horror. The specific choice of words and creation of new words creates a different dynamic in the project book Thendrous Lifowao.