To face or turn to the east

Source – Merriam-Webster

I encountered this word while reading the guidelines for project #6 for COMD1100. “Clearly orientate the viewer. Make sure the viewer understands how to navigate the cover”

Now I know what that sentence was saying, I have to make the cover so that viewers would want to look at it and clearly understand it.

[Glossay Entry #14]


To make (someone) very angry or annoyed

Source: Thesaurus to Merriam-Webster

I encountered this word, from the synonym, word tired. Because of the final is coming up, and just seeing your grade at the almost end of semester is unbelievable.  Its not something “Oh semester is almost over, I don’t really care”. I actually want to revised grades if it is lower than C+. However there is limited time to fix it unless if I do not know your grade before the end of the semester. From the experience I had in the semester, maybe it is something that I have to ask for my grade constantly if it is not updated.

AP Wire Service

“AP” Abbreviation of Associated Press: Link

American multinational nonprofit news agency headquartered in New York City

Wire Service

A news agency that sends out syndicated news copy to subscribers by wire or by satellite transmission

I encountered this word from our post on OpenLab (Link: Here). From our learning, I learned that AP stands for Associated Press; an organization. However, I decided to add on service at the end of the “Wire” because if someone who hadn’t taken our class to read this site, they would not understand. I did not thought at first that it was two words that describes one thing. So, I searched AP and than Wire. Each words have different meaning that made me very confusing about this organization name.

Simultaneous Contrast


the tendency of a color to induce its opposite in hue, value and intensity upon an adjacent color and be mutually affected in return

Source – Merriam Dictionary

I encountered this word while reading the guide lines for project # 5 in COMD1100.

I now understand that Simultaneous Contrast means opposite in color and value.

[Glossary Entry 6]



An unusual habit or way of behaving

Something strange that happens by chance

Source: Merriam-Webster

I encountered this word quirk, from our instruction for the project #5. I did not understand what it meant, so decided to search it up on Merriam-Webster. After reading the definition and reread the sentence where I got it from, I still quite did not understand. Because the meaning and the way it was used was “not fit”. I hope the professor explains it after maybe if she read this post, however I am guessing that it will not be any time soon.



Of or relating to the country or country life

Source: Merriam-Webster

I encountered this word from one of my article that I used for the bibliography. I mentioned in the glossary, because I thought it would definitely help people who is reading it. I also picked up this word, so that I can also learn form it. Over all, I posted this vocabulary to help me and my peers so that our English language could expand.



Designed or intended to teach people something

—used to describe someone or something that tries to teach something (such as proper or moral behavior) in a way that is annoying or unwanted

Source: Merriam-Webster

I encountered this word during class time, where we have to write a short paragraph (About 75 words) about our humument project that will be going to be posted on the wall. Didactic means to teach or tell the reader. For our class, we made the didactic panel to teach the readers on that we learned from our COMD 1100 and Eng 1101 class. We have to include in our didactic, to show how our original theme of the book was changed and introduce our each thought about the project.



In or into the middle of (something)

Source: Merriam-Webster

I encountered this word when I was doing my assignment on annotating bibliography. (Source 2) This word is located at the first paragraph which it made me catch my attention, where I thought it was some kind of religious name. After I searched it on Merriam1Webster dictionary, I couldn’t believe that it meant, into the middle of (something). It is surprising that I have never heard of this word before. I am just wondering where in my conversation that I am going to use this type of word.

Gist (Week 11/2~8)


The ground of a legal action

The main point or part

Source: Merriam-Webster

I encountered this vocabulary from one of our reading, “What If You Could Choose Between the Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful?” by . This word can be found at the last paragraph where the author of the article explains, how people should experiment on taking a different route. The word, gist shows the reader how the main point of this article is taking another route can change a person’s view on their walk.

Consensus & Nebulous



 A general agreement about something

An idea or opinion that is shared by all the people in a group

Source: Merriam-Webster



Not clear

Difficult to see, understand, describe, etc.

Source: Merriam-Webster

I encountered both words from the reading expert, “What If You Could Choose Between the Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful?” by Lex Berko. This article was about how, people usually take the fastest route to their destination. However, what if there is a beautiful route that you can take but takes a little longer? The word consensus, agrees on a general or broad idea. Meaning, you just agree with someone like for example, “Yeah, I know there is more beautiful places in the city, but I rather get to my destination faster”. Which is agreeing to a broad idea, “Yeah, sure there is beautiful part of the city and I will eventually get to that”. Another word, nebulous means difficult to see. In my definition, I think that means “I do not understand the meaning, why would I want to choose the most beautiful” Cannot see the picture or to comprehend the meaning of seeing something beautiful, where they only thinks about moving forward. Taking the fastest route.