Project #4

Project #4: A Humument Image and Text Exhibit (Download Project #4 here)

City Tech’s Ursula Schwerin Library gallery is putting together an exhibit featuring our work inspired by Tom Phillips’s artistic rendering of text, A Humument, and your work, the re-vision of a page or pages from your text turned into an art/text piece, will be featured. The gallery curators request that in addition to submitting your piece, you submit the short didactic panel that will be placed next to your artwork on the gallery wall, and a longer piece to be included alongside a copy of your work in the exhibit catalogue. These written pieces should highlight your understanding of design terminology, and your understanding of the piece you have created. But there’s a catch: it should all be written as though the artist didn’t write it—that is, in third person.

Didactic panels for your favorite 3 pages: each 50 60 words exactly (a quirk of the gallery), plus the artist’s name, artwork’s title, and medium.

Exhibit Catalogue Entry: 600-750 words. Your writing should be clear, descriptive, detailed, and should express the argument, message, or purpose your artwork conveys, particularly with the use of design terminology.

Process Post (not for the gallery): 200-300 words. This is for our class purposes only, not for inclusion in the gallery. It should include a description of your work process, the amount of time you spent on each assignment within the project, what you think you need to work on further, what you think you excelled at, and what you would like your professors and classmates to know about your work.

Didactic Panel Drafts due: Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Exhibit Catalogue Entry Draft Due: Monday, December 7, 2015

Final versions due: Monday, December 14, 2015