color harmony: phase 4

This was the final project for our course. Fusing together all the skills aquired and learned, we were to create book covers for our humument books. In refrence to a work of art located in the Cooper Hewitt museum, humument books used proportional color schemes to crate a holistic harmony between color and composition. The themes of my book are wonder and fantasy. Because of that i chose a work of art that uses various tints of blue. Emitting a feeling of peacefulness and dreams, this was the perfect inspiration for my book. I used question marks in my book cover design because wonder is often associated questions. Another reason is because when someone is aware of dreaming there is often a question between what’s real and whats not. This relates to my book which deals with various memories of fantasies and dreams. Because they are memories (remembrances) there can be a question of what truly did and did not happen. Overall, this project was learning to create balance using every skill in our tool box, even those of English. Its one thing to have the skills but another to apply them harmoniously.

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