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Ariana Dejesus’s ePortfolio

A collection of my work.

Jennifer’s ePortfolio


N’kaya Renford’s ePortfolio

N’kaya the Artist

karla franco’s ePortfolio

This portfolio it is about all my work such as thumbnail sketches, black and white background,light and color.

Matthew Colon’s ePortfolio

A showcase of my classwork.

Jonathan Baez’s ePortfolio

Jonathan Baez’z ePortfolio

Jacob Lopez’s ePortfolio

This portfolio will contain my works and interests in the Field I’m majoring in Which is environmental controls and Facilities management.

ariel esposito’s ePortfolio

Ariel Esposito’s portfolio

lily yu’s ePortfolio


Zarina Barsh’s ePortfolio

MTEC 1001

sashalee harrison’s ePortfolio

my art projects that i have done in the class .

Susan Davide’s Portfolio

Susan Davide’s Portfolio

Welcome to my e-portfolio on OpenLab which is my Teaching Portfolio.