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Anthony’s mathematical ePortfolio

Anthony’s mathematical ePortfolio

This ePortfolio shows some of my featured mathematical work I have completed during my two years in City Tech, plus extra material (mostly math) I want to share with the City Tech community.

Anna Crull’s ePortfolio

Hello & Welcome! I’ve created this ePortfolio to display my time here at NYC College of Technology. I am an aspiring graphic and motion designer. My hobbies range. I love animals, nature and capturing NYC s […]

Josiah Stewart’s ePortfolio

Josiah Stewart’s Culmination Project 2021

Isabel Corral’s ePortfolio

Lebasy Designs Disponible para Trabajos Freelance Que Hago? soy Diseñadora Grafica con 3 años de experiencia, trabajo principalmente con sitios webs, pero gracias a mi perfil Multimedia puedo realizar t […]

Victoria Munoz’s ePortfolio

Victoria Munoz’s ePortfolio

Under construction…

Nina Pateishvili’s ePortfolio

Nina Pateishvili’s ePortfolio

This portfolio will showcase the weekly updates from my internship experience

Adrian McCurchin’s ePortfolio

Communication Design Principles

INTERNSHIP COMD 4900 _ Monica Jeune

INTERNSHIP COMD 4900 _ Monica Jeune

Follow me on my journey, as navigate my first internship.

Rodrigo Martinez’s ePortfolio

Fall 2019 COMD 1100 Graphic Principles 1 Desiree Alvarez 3 Designs

Sabrina Huth’s ePortfolio

Hey there! My name is Sabrina Huth and I am a student at the New York City College of Technology. My major is Graphic Design but I am also interested in Photography, Film and Typography.

Genny C. ePortfolio

My portfolio

A ePortfolio

Mr.Lange’s Clange