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Arash Izadi’s ePortfolio

Arash Izadi’s ePortfolio

I study emerging media concentrated in music technology. I produce and perform music and my main hobby is playing video games, therefore, I really like to expend my knowledge towards game designs and mechanics. I […]

Garnet Garcia’s ePortfolio

Garnet Garcia’s ePortfolio

Collection of academic and personal designs and illustrations.

Shequana Garnett’s ePortfolio

A showcase of my game ’SuperNova Dragon’ which is still currently in development. The game is to show my ability to make 3d and 2d assets, simple coding, texturing, and skill level for making games on the Unity 3D Engine.

Christopher Riba’s ePortfolio

Christopher Riba’s Culmination Project SP 2021

Diane Baez’s ePortfolio

Diane Baez Culmination Project 2021

Justice Ndukwu’s ePortfolio

Hello My name is Justice Ndukwu and my major is in emerging media . I love showing my feelings and personality through Art. On my portfolio you will see lots of mind blowing designs as well as my own hand made drawings .

Adham Khalil

Adham Khalil portfolio for class .

Jaylah Jones’s ePortfolio

Comd design student.

Darrill Forde’s ePortfolio

Hello my name is Darrill Forde, known as TheLegatoFox and I am a musician, sound engineer, and video editor

Ebony Derrick’s ePortfolio

Uploading work that shows my improvements overtime.

Kyle Sealy’s ePortfolio

My portfolio is made up of projects, poster, ad campaigns. Enjoy!

Ginger Chavez’s ePortfolio

This portfolio will document the process of my culmination project.