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Dynamic Website on Clothing Line


Web design service for clothing store businesses to sell their clothing or products online. Group 4

Blade and Sparks


This is a website for my class ENG 2575 OL70, The project is a website for my product. The product is a mobile game called Blade and Sparks.

The Art of Arts

Kristine Thimothe

Different types of artworks throughout the years in the United States.

Team 2 Collaboration Project


This website is about the problem with data leakage in mobile devices and finding a way to mitigate it.

Peer Advisement

Program to increase retention of female students in engineering technology programs.

Team 3 Collaborative Site

Team 3 Collaborative Site

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone, many people have lost loved ones, lost their jobs, and many other things but most importantly their freedom. In our project, we speak about the mental […]

Architecture Internships / Jobs

Ken Conzelmann


Science Fiction at City Tech

Science Fiction is an important, modern cultural expression that relies on interdisciplinary approaches to explore the relationships between and within humanity, science, and technology. This project connects the […]


Maura A. Smale

The Diversity and Inclusion in the Curriculum and Education (DICE) subcommittee of College Council Curriculum Committee encourages the incorporation of diversity and inclusion in the curriculum and in the […]

Self-Driving Vehicle

Jerry C

This project is for an assignment in Prof.Ellis’s Spring 2021 Technical Writing Class. It is a collaborative project by Pranta Dutta, Jerry Chen, Chowdhury Hashmee, Foysal Ahmed, Mateo Avila, and Isaac Ajeleti.

FYLC – Faculty

FYLC – Faculty

This is a Working Space for Faculty who participate in First Learning Learning Communities. This site is a private website open to FYLC Faculty.

The Buzz

Welcome to The Buzz, a project by your student community team. The Buzz is a student blogging site dedicated to all things CityTech–from how to handle the pressures of school, to what movies to see. At least […]