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Tues/Thur History of Photography

Sandra Cheng
Humanities|ARTH1100|Spring 2012

This course surveys the history of photography from its beginnings in the early nineteenth century to the present. We will examine the use of photography for aesthetic, documentary, and “scientific” purposes, sty […]

COMD2400 OL13, Sp22

COMD2400 OL13, Sp22

John De Santis
COMD2400|Spring 2022

In this course, students learn to refine their conceptual thinking, and the ability to apply design concepts across various media channels. This course challenges students to think and strategically apply campaign […]

ARCH11121 History of World Architecture, SP2022

Robert Zagaroli 3rd
ARCH 1121|Spring 2022

A historical survey of architecture from early civilizations to the start of the Industrial Revolution. Architecture is examined as an expression of the culture and life of a society. Class sessions study […]



Dr. Lubie G. Alatriste
WKSHP_ENG_1101_ML|Winter 2022

Intersession workshop to help students achieve CUNY proficiency in reading and/or writing.

City Tech 101 : New Student Success Workshop

City Tech 101 : New Student Success Workshop

Andrea Allard, Vaughn
CT101|Winter 2022

This workshop focuses on helping new students transition to college life, and specifically to City Tech. The workshop will enhance the New Student Connection with additional information, activities, and various […]

SPA 2201HS Spanish for Heritage Speakers, Spring 2021

David Sánchez-Jiménez
SPA 2201HS|Spring 2021

Spanish for Heritage Speakers is an intermediate course intended for students who were immersed in or exposed to the language while growing up, but who have received little or no formal instruction in Spanish. […]

ENG1141 Sears FA2021

ENG1141 Sears FA2021

Jennifer Sears
ENG1141|Fall 2021

This introductory course aims to engage and help you develop your creative voice through discussions of craft and technique, readings aimed to build critical reading and workshopping skills, writing exercises, […]

DEN1218, SP2022

DEN1218, SP2022

DEN1218|Spring 2022

Dental radiology provides the student with the knowledge and experience necessary to work efficiently and safely with x-radiation and radiographic equipment in the dental environment. This course is designed to […]

DEN2400L, Spring 2022

DEN2400L, Spring 2022

Maria E. Bilello
DEN2400L|Spring 2022

DEN 2400 presents the didactic material, which correlates with the clinical experience, provided in DEN 2400L. The Clinical Faculty serves as group facilitators who assist the students in developing an awareness […]

American Government, Alexander Sections

Benjamin F. Alexander
GOV 1101|Winter 2022

This is the introductory course in American Government, with the main focus on the national level but some attention to state and local levels as well. This OpenLab site contains course materials as well as links […]

ENG1141 Creative Writing, SP2022 D304

Jessica Penner
ENG1141|Spring 2022

All writing is creative, including the writing you do for school, internet posts to social media, and text/email messages. Where there was a blank page–virtual or otherwise–and you fill it with your words, you hav […]

ARCH 1231 Building Tech 1 Spring 2022

Lynn Gernert, AIA
ARCH 1231|Spring 2022

An introduction to basic materials of construction and the fundamentals of hand drafting and systems analysis. The coursework includes surveying existing conditions, development of plans, elevations, sections and […]