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Cesar Infante
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Thank you for visiting my profile. I am Cesar, I was born in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I studied Graphic Design in my country. I am a perfectionist person in every sense of the word. I consider myself a person who knows exactly what he wants in life, determined to succeed and help others. My passions are design, photography and aviation. I am always visiting different places around the world. I like to gain new knowledge, and general culture.

Life is one, and we must live it as if it were the last day of our existence.

Countries visited:

London, United Kingdom
Zurich, Switzerland
Vienna, Austria
Reykjavik, Iceland
Paris, France
Rome, Italy
Berlin, Germany.
Helsinki, Finland
Stockholm, Sweden
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Hong Kong – SAR (Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China)


My Courses

COMD2451 Web Design 1, Spring 2023

COMD2451 Web Design 1, Spring 2023

As online media dominates global communications, strong web design skills are valuable assets for any communications designer. This class establishes a solid foundation in essential web design techniques, covering the Document Object Model, contemporary web standards (HTML5 and CSS3), coding workflow, and site management/administration. Over the course of the semester, students will use new techniques to improve and add features to a series of iterative projects, culminating with a personal portfolio website.



Course Description This course will offer an in-depth introduction to communication design theory, examining theoretical perspectives of design practice within the larger discourse of design and visual culture. Communication models, the nature of representation, the dimensions of context and semiotics will be explored through critical readings from key documents written between the early decades of the twentieth century and the present. In this context, “theory” doesn’t mean “a hypothesis to be tested” (as in the sciences), but rather points to a set of working beliefs about how the world—or in this case, visual communication—works. Some aspects of certain visual communication theories are based on observable “facts,” but the way these facts are woven together says more about how we construct meaning than it does about empirical answers to factual questions. So why does a design professional—typically an eminently practical, hands-on person working toward a specific end for the benefit of a specific client—want or need to engage with visual communication theories? First, “doing theory” promotes a sophisticated level of reflection about design work—far beyond the touchstones of “did they like it?” and “did it serve its purpose?” Second, it encourages designers to think holistically about the contexts for their work—beyond the immediate job at hand to the larger contexts of the social, the cultural, and the historical. And finally, it recognizes the obvious: today, graphic design shapes our visual world and puts each person at the nexus of thousands of messages each day. In this course, we, as senders and receivers of such messages, will attempt to make sense of all this through our verbal discussions in class, our blog postings, and our research poster design and presentations. We will be looking at two types of theories: generative theories, that explain the “how” of visual communication; and critical/sociocultural theories that explain the “what, where, and when” of design, or the historical, cultural and social contexts. By developing the ability to look at design through these different lenses, professional designers can enhance the quality of their decision-making and have a better grasp on the multiple contexts and frameworks for clients and audiences. We can better understand and evaluate the many issues about local usability and usefulness within broader contexts of ethics, aesthetics, professional and social responsibility.

COMD3500 FA2018 – Prof Alta Tseng

COMD3500 FA2018 – Prof Alta Tseng

This course is an in-depth exploration of the creative advertising campaign and related media. Working individually and/or in teams, students will research, develop creative concepts and design packaged goods and service sector campaigns. Preparation of finished artwork using QuarkXpress and software such as Adobe Creative Suite.

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