Role within my company

My supervisor is Bradley Burford, the manager of the Office of Public Affairs of the New York City College of Technology. I came across this internship through the college and the post that was available on the Internship Coordination Site here in OpenLab. I ensured I emailed Bradley; he was willing to work with me and trusted my skills and time management. The type of interview was via ZOOM, and he asked me about my availability and scheduling times. The job offer was given on the stop, and I immediately took the opportunity.

The time and availability were very concerning for me because, as we all know, we have different lives and things to do, so time was crucial for me. Thank God Mr. Bradley was with me, able to work all the time, and all the artwork was provided and sent via email. The emails and communications also included Peter from IT (Information Technology). We also had a Zoom meeting, and we went over some guidelines that were expected when it comes to design work and layout.

"design team"