sound visualations: Phase 1

The song chosen is Liquor by Chris Brown. The beginning of this song is very soft and fades in. Although the beats are soft they remain staccato due to the jumpy, sharp sounds associated. Consistent through out, the beat has a staccatto feel to it but isn’t as sharp and hard like typical stacatto sounds. Instead, the beats kind of have an echo effect to them.

The legatto in this song can be found in Chris Brown’s singing ofcourse. Brown shows contrast through audio by singing legatto notes on a stacatto beat. In addition, his tone throughout the song varies. He starts off very soft and low and gets very loud and high in the middle of the song. At some points he sings legatto notes in the background and pairs it with the instrumental. At the end, he receedes back to a very soft tone.


Sound Visualization: phase 2

The inked mashup of both legatto and stacatto took me about 2 1/2 hours. I first had to create my layout and measure boxes for accuracy. Then with a very light pencil I drew each composition one by one. After wards I used my pigment liner and brush in order to fill in my designs with black. After all that was done I made sure to let my artwork dry over night before erasing the lines which made up the layout so therefore each staccato and legatto would create a border for themselves since they juxtapose. I would post a photo on to this post but i am unable to so I will have a clickable link to my artwork once i upload it to my e-portfolio

Sound Visualization: Phase 3

Doing this project, it was another new experience. From making visualizations from what we hear through Staccato and Legato music. Then making it into an animation, and then adding staccato and legato music to it and mashing it together. My favorite part of this project was picking out the music we wanted to do and mashing it together. This project took about 3 hours to do. The songs that I used were “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran and “Her” by Block B.


Sound Visualizations: Phase 3 and 4

Click Here For Animation

Hours Spent – about an hour, I did not really have enough time to work on this mash up due to the passing of my Grandfather.

This project was interesting because we had to basically draw sound. I could have done a lot better with this project but sadly I did not have the time, since the passing of my Grandfather.

Sound Visualizations: Phase 3 and 4

In this Staccato/Legato project, I learned drawing images that comes to our mind while listening music. I’m really enjoy doing this project. For me, the most fun part is move all the mashup image around and make an animation. What I could done better is if I could found better sound to fit the animation. I would try to make the animation more detail and longer.



Finish in 2 and half hour overall.


Sound Visualizations: Phase 3

My sound visualization took about 3 to 3 1/2 hours. The two songs that I chose were Dej Loaf- Hey there and The Weeknd- Rolling stone. I chose Hey there by Dej Loaf because of the Staccato beat it has and The Weeknd because of his smooth, legato notes. The two both represent what we’re searching for and figured they would pair up great.