Project #1

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Project #1: Introducing Yourself

In our learning community, you have already introduced yourself in class and on our site. For your first ENG 1101 project, use these introduction drafts to write a biography that you can add to your OpenLab profile and ePortfolio, that will represent you to your audience: members of this learning community, the COMD department, the City Tech community, potential employers or internship directors, and the larger community on the Internet. Include in your bio a description of what you are passionate about, what you see as your design aesthetic, and where you see yourself in five to ten years. This bio will become the beginning of Project #1.

After writing a bio, choose an avatar for your profile or ePortfolio that represents you as you described yourself (you might need to reconsider your avatar choice if you’ve already selected one). Write a paragraph or two in which you call attention to specific details in the image and explain how the image represents you.

Images can be misleading or misinterpreted, as we saw in our introductory logo-design activity. Write another paragraph or two in which you consider how someone might understand your avatar image differently than you intended, or misinterpret it. Again, connect mage details to your ideas in the paragraph.

Finally, write a paragraph or two in which you reflect on what your completed profile will convey about you overall, and why that matters.

Your response must be at a minimum four paragraphs:

  1. your bio,
  2. your consideration of your avatar,
  3. your consideration of how your avatar can be interpreted differently,
  4. what your profile will convey and why it matters,

although any of these four sections might be longer than one paragraph.

Requirements for this project:

  • use the category ENG 1101 Project #1 for all work on the project
  • complete the related homework posts described on our Ways of Seeing site
  • use new vocabulary (especially the word aesthetic) properly
  • include an image to use as your avatar
  • add your finished work, approximately 600 words, as a post to our site
  • add any tags that you find appropriate, plus tags reflecting the appropriate part of your process (as you will for your design process in COMD 1100)
  • bring an outline and brainstorm to class on Wednesday 9/9
  • post your draft by 9:00am on Thursday, 9/10, and bring a copy to class
  • re-read your work carefully several times, making changes as needed based on your ideas and your peers’ feedback
  • submit it by 9:00am on Monday, 9/21

1 thought on “Project #1”

  1. hello there!!! my name is Jason and an artist, some what of a hardcore gamer, And an occasional athlete. I applied to City Tech to embrace my inner gamer and its passions and make a career out of it. I plan to one day be in the credits and thanks of a big triple A title video game. My other hobbies are to draw as i like to say, ‘cover art’ from which i get ideas from, as in Instagram or FaceBook or anywhere i can find a really good picture to captivate me and inspire me to draw. One of my all time favorite Tv shows has to be Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z, and Dragon ball GT. Those shows really got me into art, anime, and just molded me into the person i am today.
    I haven’t really put up my avatar yet, probably cause i haven’t learned how to do it, and also what i want my avatar to be, since the professor said it should stay that avatar and really mean something i don’t know what to make mine to truly convey what i am and feel as a person. I want something to pop, and showcase some of my many interests such as comic books or art or maybe even both.
    If i had that avatar to be announced and already fully thought out i’d want it to show how passionate i am to at least 2-3 things i like to do in my spare time. since i like drawing so much i’d like for my avatar to be a piece done by someone since i’m too insecure about my pieces. Also since at the time, i’m really really into comic books and they’re vast and infinite story arcs in the Marvel/DC universe. i’m looking more into the DC side of story telling because in my opinion, they have at times deeper problems than the usual arcs at Marvel. They dissect what can really go on, but also at the same time into what cannot go on in a story, Which is the best kind of sci-fi.

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