value added : Phase 4

This project, as all projects, is one that I really enjoyed. But what I can say is that it was difficult, but i love a challenge. For my cut collages, I was having a very difficuly time because most of my photo contains my shirt which was plaid. The plaid in grayscale became broad range in itself so when I would try to recreate my narrow range, it was challenging because I was so linited to the areas I can cut. I wanted to use the whole image and tried my best to incorporate a variety of areas from the image. When it came to recrating my broad key in guache i was struggling. I had worked with guache previously but never painted something so deatailed and in grayscale. I wasnt able to catch every detail such as the lines of the plaid so I economized my drawing and stylized it. What I’ve learned through this whole process and project is that there is more that meets the eye. Every image has continous tone meaning every area has different value and saturation from the other. Also, I learned how to use guache and familiarize myself with the medium. Mixing black and white to crate different values is also an addition to my learnings. This project sure wasn’t the easiest but it is one that I gained alot from. My mistakes made me learn that for our next projects incorporating guache, to be patient and really focus on the colors i am mixing.

Sound visualizations phase 4

I found this project to be very enjoyable. I have worked with clipping before in terms of video but never really dug deep into it until this project. I got to work with layers of pictures and audio. In my project I tried to hit every single beat I heard accuratley. I would play the song over and over on the same part until the visuals matched the beats in the audio. What I could have done better is made my animation a few seconds longer because so the viewer can have more to process and analyze.

Value-Added Portrait: Phase 3

The painting took me about 2 and a half hours to finish. The animation took me about 1 hour to finish. I spent approximately 4 hours and half of work time from the beginning of the project till the end. I thought the painting part would be very diffcult for me. But I felt like it was not that diffcult and I was having a lot of fun during the painting part. And I hope we can do more painting in the follow-up class.

(I couldn’t upload my works since I have used all of my storage quota of 300 MB.)

Value Added Portraits: Phase 4

Overall, this project was a fairly new experience for me on a personal level. I wasn’t too familiar with painting before we worked on it. Its not my fortay nor my go-to use for expression through my work. However, it was interesting to revisit it after so many years. Ive done abstract work before, but never with paints. I was kind of disappointed with my final product, even though i put in a great deal of effort in it. But building on that, I want to be able to improve and practice more with paint.  Also, it was a great illustration on the terms and words we learned throughout the process. I have a firm understanding of what value is, and how to take advantage of high key values and low key values to distinguish our ideas.

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 3

My broad value range and narrow value range collages both took 3 hours each to complete. My painted collage took 8 hours to complete. The digital collage took 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete. The 3D Anaglyph took about 20 minutes to complete.


Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4

This project was actually fun, interesting, and different. It was simple and easy. I thought the painting part was going to be fun for me until I tried it. I discovered I’m not a good painter, the composition did not come out as I have hoped. What this project thought me was how to create something new out of what I already have by cutting them up and rearrange them to form a new and interesting composition. I learned about Broad Range, Narrow range, Focal point, and many more. My favorite part of this project was creating the 3D image. That was very cool to learn. I also learned some new things on photoshop due to this project.

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4


At the beginning of this project I was first introduced to the concepts of high key and low key value ranges. After finding examples of both concepts within the CityTech area I had to explain the tone that each example gives off. I learned that with high key ranges there’s usually a happier tone while with low key ranges there’s a more mysterious and dramatic tone. Next I learned the concept of a broad key value range by making a grayscale. Also I learned that high key and low key ranges are known as narrow ranges. By learning these 3 concepts I had to make 2 collages which consisted of one being a narrow value range and the other being a broad value range. After the first critique I pretty much had to redo both collages. The successful part was that my collages were distinguishable in terms of value range. What was missing was providing a clear focus and path within the collages. After seeing my peer’s collages I got a better sense on how to improve my collages. The next assignment was to make a painted version of the broad range collage and a digital version of the narrow range collage. When I first heard painting I was really excited but when it came down to actually painting I was scared because we had to mix white and black paints to create broad ranges of gray. This task was pretty tedious and I tried my best to make the shades really close to the collage. I got a kind of bitter-sweet feeling when I finally finished because my painting wasn’t in exact detail as I would’ve wanted it to be but for my first time doing something like this I at least learned how to handle paint more. I got a bit discouraged during the critique because there was painted collages that I thought looked better than mine. But I’m coming to terms that I’m still learning and through more practice I can improve. Since the next project deals with paints I feel I’ll get more satisfying results since I learned how to deal with paint through this experience. With the digital collage I was more comfortable because I at least had some experience of Indesign from Type and Media even though the program was Photoshop. The next assignment was making a 3D Anaglyph from my portrait which was fun until the 3D started bothering my eyes.

Project 3 : Value-Added Portraits: Phase 3

3D Image
3D Anaglygh

This will be the final post for project 3. In first image, on the left side is the Broad-Range Collage, and the other one is the Broad-Range Painting. In second image, on the left side is the Narrow-Range Digital Collage and the other one is Narrow-Range Collage. The last image is 3D Anaglyph.

Overall, It took 5 hours to finish.