Value Added Portraits: Phase 4

Overall, this project was a fairly new experience for me on a personal level. I wasn’t too familiar with painting before we worked on it. Its not my fortay nor my go-to use for expression through my work. However, it was interesting to revisit it after so many years. Ive done abstract work before, but never with paints. I was kind of disappointed with my final product, even though i put in a great deal of effort in it. But building on that, I want to be able to improve and practice more with paint.  Also, it was a great illustration on the terms and words we learned throughout the process. I have a firm understanding of what value is, and how to take advantage of high key values and low key values to distinguish our ideas.

1 thought on “Value Added Portraits: Phase 4”

  1. I agree with you, with the final product. I wish I could have done it better and I was hoping to be better than my collage. It was a good practice so that we can use our skills for the next project. Nice work!

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