Project #3 (Pitch/Draft)

Beauty, the quality of being physically attractive is something that the user who downloads this app will encounter. My co-workers and I, Ayano Morishima are making an route simulator known as “Route & Beauty” (Or Road to Beauty) that takes the user to a journey that can lead them to a beautiful location. Many people uses other apps to locate their shortest and fastest route, so that they could get to their location much faster. What if there is a app that can take you to the location, where the route is short, fast, and beautiful?

Many apps from the apple store contains route simulator that pinpoints to the users location and calculate time to show them different option in best or shortest route to get there quickly. However, is it time that the users want to save up to get to their destination? Sure, people want to get there quickly and do whatever they needed to do. But what if there is an app that can change the users surrounding views? Think about it, looking at the same route over and over is boring. The user might already know whats built there, even if they are blind! Our app focuses on people’s daily route and time, however what is different is users can use this app to encounter a new places just by taking a different route. Simple right? By changing just a little routine of users route to the final destination, and even if it takes just an extra few minutes, sure the surroundings of the users view will changes; maybe dull to beauty.

One of the ongoing project route starts from the Voorhees building. This building is a center for engineering technology for students who does to NYC College of Technology. Once you left the building to make a right, you will see a big road. If you turn right again, you would encounter an entrance of Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridges connects the two boroughs, Manhattan and Brooklyn crossing over the East River. As you go further straight, you will see a huge park called, Cadman Plaza Park. A huge park where you can play any sports. Walk to right and left again, where you will encounter location called, Brooklyn Heights Promenade. As you go in though this location, and keep walking straight, you will see a Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2. Place where it features in basketball, handball, etc. Finally you go back to turn around from where you are looking at the pier. Go straight and you will see the same park again, go further more where you turned right to encounter the Brooklyn Bridge. Without turning right to the bridge, than go straight. You will see NYC College of Technology, as you keep going you will see a whole different scenery than before. More busy and modern structure to each buildings. Finally, you can take a subway, A,C, and R train.

These exampled location is a place where the users will encounter in the app. Such as the caption below will pop up to explain a little information that the user could do, when they arrive at certain locations. Many volunteers contributed to this route making, so that it shows the best time to go to the location, where it also shows the “best time” to go to the location at the top right corner. An example for the location above is, “the best time to go to the location” is between 2:30pm to 5:30pm. One of the volunteer commented, “It is a great place to go, especially since it is quite. You can see how houses are made of different structure comparing it to different locations. Going with friends or family would be a great way to explore a new route!” Thanks to our volunteers, this app does contain other features, such as little game that satisfies the users time traveling, voice active system where you use it like Siri, time countdown where it countdowns time to get to the location, and

Seeing different surroundings would motivate users to look though into new location, where they haven’t discovered yet. By using this app Road to Beauty, not only they gives the best option in shortest route, but to think about the user’s preference in showing beauty for getting to their location. Many people looks for quick way to get to the destination that they are seeking. However what if there is a route that is short and beautiful enough to make you use this app again? Why won’t you not give it a try?

Project #2: Draft

Have you ever been to any of the other borough other than Manhattan? Many of us are afraid to take a step forward to the unknown place that they have never set their foot before. What if there is an opportunity opened up before your eyes? Would you take a chance to discover something you haven’t encountered? There is an opportunity to discover more parts of the New York City, thanks to the City Technology College it made the student more motivated to discover something they haven’t yet in their life. One of the class, ENG1101 was assigned to work on this project that includes on walking from the college to any place around the neighborhood. Brooklyn is a great example of borough that shows the difference in social system and the overlapping such juxtapositions that includes old and new.

Brooklyn, the home of City Tech are combines with many mixed society that expresses equality toward the people and their culture. Brooklyn is nothing like what we see in Manhattan, Queens, or Bronx. Brooklyn is a place where all the borough are collided together. Making a whole new mixed city that does not identify difference in people nor their social class and culture. Some of the stores are old and new, the element of juxtaposition of the time where stores contrasts each other. One of the example is, there is a Off Price Fashion Outlet next to an expensive Swarovski jewelry store. This weird combination of stores next to each other makes this borough unique. Many stores on Fulton Street has something similar like this as an example. Another example of juxtaposition where time overlaps is; there was an T-mobile store in Fulton Street, however within few days the store was already empty and the sign were gone. This kind of phenomenon happens where your memory thinks that “It was just there few days ago” this is something that we don’t see it everyday, other than Brooklyn.

On the other hand, Manhattan is an interesting place where the place represents the tittle of New York City. Times Square, it is an very famous place where everyone knows about it, if you are currently living in New York City or if you hear its city name. The place is intrigues people by its lights of the Broadway show, TKTS, Sephora, Starbucks, the ball drop on New Years and it is called the place where beginning of fashion started. An example of juxtaposition where time overlaps is how the ruby-red stair case, TKTS was not there before 2006 where it began building. The moment where someone says “was this here before?” after nine years of living in the same city for so long, is not a big surprise. Other than the ruby-red stair case that everyone knows about, there was once a tower that was built as twins but as one. The name itself makes everyone become silent, because of what happened in two-thousand one, September, Eleven. This juxtaposition of irreplaceable memories and the historic event makes everyone become as one. It is something that unforgettable and unresistant to look away from the fact that it happened.

Comparing the borough between Brooklyn and Manhattan, it is shown that Brooklyn borough are more mixed in society. There is no difference in social class with the store management where everything have to be the same. Each store are different but in the same location. Because of these stores are arranged, it makes people “The buyers” feel more comfortable walking the place they are familiar. Many people are from different cultural background were seen in the borough, it is different than Manhattan where cars and performers are too noisy for county or upstate people. Brooklyn makes the people feel welcome and to show that there is no difference in their background stories. An example is Swarovski, an expensive jewelry store that is usually found in mid-town Manhattan. However, was found in Brooklyn where the store was next to an Off Price Fashion Outlet store. This historic symbol of an swan and its name itself represents their example of elegance and beauty, it also makes the store to stands out what is around it. This example shows the different juxtaposition of overlapping time and its historic figure of how Brooklyn is a borough that is special than other places.

To conclude, Brooklyn is a great example of borough that shows the difference in social system and the overlapping such juxtapositions that includes old and new. When there is a opportunity opened up, take the chance where they show the different part of city that you have not seen before. Thanks to the City Technology College it made the student more motivated to discover something they haven’t yet in their life. One of the class, ENG1101 was able to work on this project that includes on walking from the college to any place around the neighborhood. Manhattan can be a place that is intriguing, because of the Broadway show, TKTS, Sephora, Starbucks, the ball drop on New Years and it is called the place where beginning of fashion started. However, Brooklyn represent something more and unique that shows other people from the borough like us to understand their difference that are congenial to them. Places like Brooklyn, it makes you think that you just teleported to a different part of New York City, by only taking a few steps.

Eng. Project #2 Draft

New York is an ever changing place with many places throughout the city tending to overlap with two different New York’s.  So I went around the surrounding area of City Tech to find one of these Overlapping New York’s, I finally did at Brooklyn Heights. First off I exited the Namm building and turning left down on Jay Street towards Tillary Street. From there I made a left on Tillary until I got to Clinton Street  you know that you’re going the right way because on your left is a small park dedicated to all the Korean war veterans.  I continued to follow Clinton Street until I hit Pierrepont Street. When i arrived at Pierrepont Street I followed it noticing all of the nice buildings and how many of them differ from each other and how much they differ from the buildings I’m used to in Times Square, until I finally arrived at Brooklyn Heights.

The overlapping New York in that area is that you can see the huge differences between the small building in Brooklyn Heights and the huge towering buildings of Manhattan. You can see the difference between them in that all the residential buildings in Brooklyn Heights are made of brick while the huge buildings of Manhattan are made of steel. Also from the side of Brooklyn Heights some people may have different views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn. For example some people from the side of Brooklyn Heights may see Manhattan as the place where they work while others like myself see Manhattan as home. On the other hand people on the side of Manhattan looking at Brooklyn will either see Brooklyn as home or either as a foreign place to those who may have never been too Brooklyn. While I was there I also saw a photograph of the old New York skyline with the twin towers tied to the fence. I thought that it offered a bit of insight into someone else’s New York. For example someone who might have lived in Brooklyn heights before 9/11will remember the skyline before the twin towers fell and therefore make that a part of their own New York while those that came after 9/11 only know what the skyline might look like without the twin towers or with the Freedom tower in the skyline. Regardless those are three different New York’s that may belong to anyone that lives in Brooklyn Heights.

Also in view at Brooklyn heights is the Brooklyn Bridge to everyone it represents a connection between both Manhattan and Brooklyn. This bridge is used to bridge two different people, even though they are the people in both Brooklyn and Manhattan are still all New Yorkers they are all entirely different people. So in that sense it is not only a bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn but it is also a bridge between different New York’s

In the photo I took captures the juxtaposition between the small quaint buildings in Brooklyn heights compared to the huge towering buildings in Manhattan. You can easily see the differences between the buildings size and design. It also captures the differences between the different skylines of the different New York’s and how some people may have grown up with one thing while others grew up with another.

Eng. Project #2 Draft #1

Project #2 Overlapping New Yorks

New York is always changing thus leaving different sensory in our neighborhood. I went around the City Tech neighborhood in look to find any overlapping New Yorks, and I did. In order to find the overlapping New York I found, you first need to exit City Tech from the Namm building. Once you are outside, turn right on Jay Street and start walking. As you walk for about 5 minutes, you will pass a parking-lot, a Halal Cart, a resting area where a lot of people will be sitting and socializing with their family or friends. Then the Jay Street Metro Tech subway. As soon as you pass the subway about half way through the block, look across the street and you will see the overlapping New York. You will see a tall beautiful building called the Brooklyn Fire Headquarters and right next to it you will see a small store name Metro Café.

The Overlapping New York here is a big beautiful building (Brooklyn Fire Headquarters) and a small store name Metro Star Café. The Big building is newly renovated, whereas the Café looks old as if it was there for a very long time. It has an old time look to it, but the fire house looks very nice and it fits the time period it is in. The fire house has a pointy roof top, you can see the patterns in the design on the roof, whereas the Café has a flat roof and you cannot even see it from the street view. The Fire house is a huge building about 6 stories high, and it even has a balcony. The café is just two stories high. The fire house has many windows about 20, where the café only has about 3. The fire house is made of brick where the café is not. On the café you can clearly see the name on it right at the top, but you cannot see the name of the fire house on the building anywhere. My guess is they have not put it up as of yet. The fire house has a arch door entrance and a regular door entrance which really makes the design of the building beautiful. As for the café, it has a very basic door entrance.

The Fire Headquarters represents New York’s safety. New York is very quick when it comes to responding to danger. The Café represents New Yorkers and food. New Yorkers love food. New Yorkers live on Coffee, we have to get up early and coffee is the way to get that morning boost.

The photo I took shows the frame of both buildings. On the right is the small café, and on the left is the huge fire house. It captures the juxtaposition nicely. You can clearly see how different these two buildings really are. The main focus here is the fire house because of the size, whereas the café is so small, you barley look at it. These two buildings are completely different, the Fire house is big, tall, and very clean like the other buildings around there, when the café is a small short building smack in the middle of the tall big buildings. Both buildings however are highly maintained.


Project #1 Draft

Hey, My name is Xingfu, I prefer people call me Ruky! I’m from ZheJiang, China, 18 years old. I came to NY 4 years ago, still learning English. My major is graphic design, I haven’t decide what I want to be in future yet. currently I’m interest post videos on YouTube. I like to listen music that does not have lyric (don’t know what people called those kind of music). I spend most of my free time on video editing, drawing and play games.

The avatar of mine is one of my drawing, I hope people can see me from the drawing. In my avatar, the boy has red hair which is my favorite color. The halo means sometime I’m kind of silly. Hand covering mouth, I’m very shy when first meet people, but when people get to know me, I’m a totally different person of what they thought about. The wings, people some time think I have two different personality, because sometime I’m so friendly and some time I act like a stranger to my friends. Anyway, the point is I don’t have  two personality. The poor looking clothes means that I’m not born in a wealthy family, but not that poor. The drawing is exaggerated.

People might think my avatar differently. The wings, I think most people will think that the wings means I have multiple personality, or double standard of my mind. The halo, people might think that I’m good person, but actually I’m not a  good person.

My profile will convey that my personality is not exactly like how my avatar have shown. This matter because I don’t want people think how I am by looking my avatar. And I hope people can know more about me by reading my profile.

Ruky's avatar

ENG1101 Project 1: Draft

My name is Ashley Fernandez, I’m 18 years old and live in Queens. I graduated from High School of Applied Communication which is located in Long Island City. I am now a freshman in City Tech taking Communication Design as a major. I’ve always had an interest in art especially during my school years. I’ve always loved drawing and I would be doing it all the time whether it was in my notebook or on the paint program on the computer. During my years, I really didn’t know what I wanted to major in college or what I wanted to do in life. At that time, I wasn’t really passionate to do a certain thing. But, during my junior year I had to take a graphic design class. I didn’t know what that class was or if I would actually have an interest in it. As I got to learn more about it and go to do some projects, I actually enjoyed it. That’s where my interest in Graphic Design started from. I am passionate about creating and drawing. If I’m creating something, I like to put my own style into that work. When I don’t really have anything to do, I like to draw most of the time. I’m more of a visual drawer. I like to draw the certain object if it’s in front of me. I’m not really sure what my design aesthetic is but I’m figuring that out slowly as I’m learning more in my major. In five to ten years, I hope to see myself still having an interest in Graphic Design or having a job creating logos or album covers. I describe myself as quiet, shy, and an introvert. I am quiet most of the time and like to have my own little space for myself. I’m the shy type of person who’s not really comfortable to approach or talk to someone first. But once I know the person more, I am comfortable going up to them and talking to them first.

My avatar is the album cover and the new logo of one of my favorite band/group; EXO. I chose this avatar because I like the band but I also thought that their latest logo was creative. When you first look at it, it looks confusing because at first you might see a hexagon but then you might see a cube. But if you look really carefully, you can see the group’s name. I also liked that the album cover was simple with the colors. Using the black as the background made the logo really stand out. Like the logo, I want to design something that is simple and looks confusing at first, but when you look at it more, you will see the obvious thing. But I also chose this logo because this band also made me like a new genre of music that I use to really dislike. I didn’t like it because I didn’t understand it and I also did not know why people liked that kind of genre. But as I listened more, I actually started to enjoy it. It made me realize that just because you don’t understand the language, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.



My avatar can be misleading to other people. When they look at it, they might be confused on what this image might exactly be. They might only see a hexagon or cube. They might not be able to see the band’s name. This might mislead people to think that I’m confusing, hard to figure out, or just like shapes.

My profile will convey who I am and how I present myself in work. It will also convey that I am simple and hardworking. It matters because I don’t really express who I am in person. But here, people would be able to see that more.

Project #1 Introducing Yourself Draft

Jaichan Kirty (Jay) graduated from high school, Hillside Arts and Letters Academy in 2015. He is now nineteen years old and a freshman in college. Jay was born in Guyana but moved to the United States eight years ago. He is a shy and quiet person at first, but when you get to know him that’s when he does not stop talking. Jay major is Graphic Design. He chose this as my major because this is something He really like doing, and he like to expressing myself by designing what he think of. Jaichan is very good at computer graphics. He does numerous of designs. For plays, random videos, and power point. Many people consider his skill is “graphic designing” although Jaichan thinks otherwise. Jaichan claims he does this for “fun” but he is an amazing artist and has a great sense of creativity. His drawing are beyond imaginable. He is the most caring, most wonderful person you’ve ever met.

Jaichan is known for his graphic designing on facebook, and what he has done in high school. The administrators at his high school even asked him to create the official website for the school, which he had the honor of doing all by himself. That is something he is very proud of. You can check it out, its I also created and managed my high school’s facebook page. ( He created all the material posted on the page. He is mostly proud of the videos he created for my school. You can watch some of them on the facebook page. Many people tells him he’s talented when it come to that. Jay is very passionate about his works, especially graphic designs, his style is random really. He creates what inspires him. When you are down in the dumps Jaichan is always the one to make you rise like the sun bursting with joy and happiness. Although it may rain on Jaichan end, he never lets the rainy days get the best of him. He’s super smart, fun to be around, likes to mingle and always the one to laugh or make a sound. In five to ten years Jay sees himself owning his own designing company and starting to be known around the country.


The avatar I chose to represent myself is a hot-air-balloon. Firstly this picture of the balloon is not a photograph, it has been graphically designed, which is my passion. This picture means more to me than just it being graphically designed. The balloon is rising in the air just like how I will not give up on something that I put my mind to accomplish. The balloon is rising just like how I like to soar in life.  I said I am very creative and as you can see in this picture this graphic is also very creative. I like how the designer uses the colors to make the subject pop out. This balloon is by itself, just like how I like to be by myself sometimes. I like to work in a peaceful and quiet place with no distractions. This balloon is the only thing recognized just like how I like to be recognized also. This is why I choose this subject as my profile avatar.

My avatar could be misleading to some because you really need to dig deep and think deep to understand how it connect to me. People may see this picture and think I like to ride on hot-air-balloons, which I never even tried in my life but something I can see myself doing for fun.

My complete profile will convey that I am a very creative and hard working person. My passion is graphic design and I have a lot of experience is this field already. I will not give up on something that I put my mind to accomplish. I express myself throughout my works because that’s the best way I know how. This matters because if someone is to hire me for a job they need to know that I give my best. I will work day and night if I have to do give the best product the client will love. They need to know I am very good at what I do and that will give me recommendations and more jobs.