Project #3

People are different in many ways some like to take long walks while other just want to get from point A to point B in the fastest time. When people go for a walk there are different things people would like to see or do on that walk. Everyone is different some people like to see different things on their walks like things that they may deem beautiful to them. Others might not want or care to see anything beautiful on their walks; some might just want to get from one place to the next in the fastest time while others want to go somewhere peaceful and beautiful. For me I love to take nice long walks, I don’t even need to be going anywhere in particular as long as I am not busy. But for me the ideal place to walk through, that is by the water.

On the walk I choose to take I walked from Citytech over the Brooklyn Bridge too City Hall. I choose this mainly because I love to be by the water so when I went over the Brooklyn Bridge it was refreshing to see the river instead of the usual tall buildings of the city. “No mere river crossing, this span is an elegant reminder of New York’s history of architectural innovation. When it opened in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge was a feat of engineering: It was the first structure to cross the East River.” It was also really nice to feel the wind blowing in my face and being able to see Brooklyn and Manhattan from a different view. In a way it helps give us a different perspective on the way we see Manhattan and Brooklyn. For this walk I started from City tech and walked to Tillary st. where the entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge is. As I was walking I watched as the buildings stopped and I began to see the river. Even though it may have been noisy due to the passing cars on the bridge it still was very peaceful for me because seeing the river and both skylines of Manhattan and Brooklyn are pretty breathtaking. I continued on my way until I made it to City Hall Now if you would like to enhance your walk I would say that crossing the Brooklyn Bridge at night is your best bet, the view of the city is enhanced due to the light emitted from the city. Even other people agree that the Brooklyn Bridge is the best spot to get the most beautiful views. On different websites you can see that people have a lot to say about how beautiful the view can be from the bridge. “Everyone should walk the Brooklyn Bridge, I have been to New York quite a few times and have never walked the Brooklyn Bridge. It is such an amazing view and worth it to do this especially as the sun is setting, its perfect!” another person said “it has a Magnificent view, excellent experience, refreshing from the building infested city, either for a romantic walk, or for a friendly catch up with a view or a family trip.”

Another walk you could take that also delivers on the breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline is the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. This location is another one that I enjoyed walking through mainly due to the fact that it is also by the water. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is one third of a mile long, here it gives you a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge connecting two people, people from Manhattan and people from Brooklyn.

“The Brooklyn Heights Promenade will take your breath away. Made famous by cameo appearances in movies like Annie Hall and Moonstruck, it is one of the most romantic spots in New York City, and has been the destination for thousands of first dates, wedding proposals and anniversary celebrations.”

I would also like to reiterate what I said before in that this locations view is enhanced when it is night time. For this walk I also went up Tillary st. but instead of going onto the Brooklyn Bridge I continued straight noticing the nice architecture of the post office as I went along until I got to Cadman plaza W. from there I made a left until I got to Pierrepont st. noticing the Columbus park as I passed. From there I followed Pierrepont st. until the end. On that street you can see some very beautiful architecture from the nice houses there so take your time when walking.

All in all I want to impart these locations so that others can experience the same beautiful sights I have because in its own way you have to be there yourself to truly experience the sights. No picture can truly give you the same emotion as being there for yourself.




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Persistent /pərˈsist(ə)nt/ – to be consistently strong despite difficulties; to not give up

Ex. Although Stanley procrastinated a bit this semester, he is persistent to complete all his work.

I remember hearing of this word back in september when we spoke about ourselves. I honestly heard it before but had no clue what so ever as to what it actually meant



Contiguous /kənˈtiɡyo͞oəs/ – to be close in distance, side by side; to touch borders.

Ex. New jersey and Pennsylvania are considered contiguous states because their borders touch.

In my illustrator class, my teacher used this term when explaining selection methods. The word has a weird sound and could have meant anything so i decided to search it up and add it to our class glossary.


Lenient /ˈlēnēənt/ – to be forgiving or permissive.

Ex. “Sam became lenient after I apologized for breaking her book. She smiled and gave me a hug.”

I’ve come across this term countless times throughout my time being. I’ve had a sense of the word but didnt really know what it actually meant. Turns out to be the oppisite of what I thought it was.

Glossary Reflection









After a very long and hard semester, I can say I have been able to accomplish a lot. Though it was not exactly a “piece of cake”, there is still much knowledge and thorough understanding I can now integrate in my “ways of seeing.” This personal glossary we have all created was an excellent way of being able to give myself a much more thorough and meaningful understanding of context and content in ENG 1101. Not only was I able to understand better, but also give myself a sort of perspective on what exactly it was that we, as students, were given to analyze. Not only was it beneficial in that perspective, but also in the way we expanded our vocabulary. Such words we have learned can easily give us a jumpstart on our future English courses. Having that knowledge and understanding on such advanced vocabulary can help us understand future context and studies, and at the same time be grounds for use within our own vocabulary in our essays, reports, etc etc. Also, I feel as if I have founded a sort of curiosity within myself, that gives me an incentive to continue to research unknown words within future context. I have come to notice that I tend to google certain words or phrases when I come across them in my everyday life. That in itself can come as an amazing and useful habit, and will definitely benefit me in the long run.


Evaluating Glossary
















From doing this glossary assignment, my experience is its really helpful. Since English isn’t my native language, this assignment helped me learned many new English vocabulary. To do this assignment, I have read a lot news and articles, when I encounter words or terms that I don’t understand or never seem before, I will look it up on internet, this way, so I can understand the words meaning and how do I use it in right place. Not only these fifteen words I learned but also i have seem other students post, and I do learn a lot from their post too. By doing this assignment, I’m not just learning vocabularies, but I also see what is going on in the world by reading those news.

Evaluating Glossary
















After I finish the glossary assignment, I can feel it realy helps me. Since I was not born in America, my vocabulary is very poor. But this assignment imporves it a lot. By doing the assignment, I need to read a lot of articles and passages. Reading is definitely the best way to increase vocabulary. When I encounter words that I don’t know or I’ve never seen. I need to check the definition of the words in a dictionary or wesbite. By doing this, I not only learn the definition, I also memorise the words. I can also learn more uncommon words by seeing classmates’ glossary posts. Overall, this assignment helps me a lot in improving vocabulary and better memorising words.




to teach (someone) to fully accept the ideas, opinions, and beliefs of a particular group and to not consider other ideas, opinions, and beliefs


I encounter this word in the reading “The virtue of idleness”. The word is found in the sentence “Parents begin the brainwashing process and then school works yet harder to indoctrinate young people with the necessity of early rising.” After I look it up in the dictionary, I now understand it means to teach someone to fully accept the ideas.



the art or technique of making movies


I encounter this word in the reading “The death of Art and the birth of pop”. The word is found in the sentence “When the working classes got the vote and a right to an education, and when cinema and television developed in the twentieth century a new cultural space opened up which completely re-defined what mattered and what didn’t.” After I look it up in the dictionary, I now understand it means the art or technique of making movies.