Glossary Reflection









After a very long and hard semester, I can say I have been able to accomplish a lot. Though it was not exactly a “piece of cake”, there is still much knowledge and thorough understanding I can now integrate in my “ways of seeing.” This personal glossary we have all created was an excellent way of being able to give myself a much more thorough and meaningful understanding of context and content in ENG 1101. Not only was I able to understand better, but also give myself a sort of perspective on what exactly it was that we, as students, were given to analyze. Not only was it beneficial in that perspective, but also in the way we expanded our vocabulary. Such words we have learned can easily give us a jumpstart on our future English courses. Having that knowledge and understanding on such advanced vocabulary can help us understand future context and studies, and at the same time be grounds for use within our own vocabulary in our essays, reports, etc etc. Also, I feel as if I have founded a sort of curiosity within myself, that gives me an incentive to continue to research unknown words within future context. I have come to notice that I tend to google certain words or phrases when I come across them in my everyday life. That in itself can come as an amazing and useful habit, and will definitely benefit me in the long run.