Saturation Studies: Phase 3

spicy pop

For this saturation study, I worked with Brandy and TK. In this project, we had to create a band poster using a¬†name that is a cross-sensory word or phrase. We were given three cards; a color card, a composition card, and a concept card. For,¬†color card, we were given was warm color. For the composition card, we chose to do taste and sound. We came up with the name “Spicy Pop” by making a list that were taste and sound. We played around with the words until we came up with Spicy Pop and were satisfied with it. Since we were given warm color, we chose to do red. We used prismatic, chromatic, and muted.¬†Overall it took about 3 hours to complete this project.


Project #3 Phase 1 – Discover

High Key
High Key

This first image is a High Key image of Jay Street. You can tell it is a High Key image because of how bright it is. you can clearly see how the sun is shining bright on the edges of the building. You can tell the sun is on the left by looking at the huge shadow the building created on the street. By making this image gray scale, it made the street looks sad and depressing. You can only see a few cars drawing by which people can take as this part of town is really dull and boring.

Low Key
Low Key

This second image is a Low Key image of a computer with the screen on in a dark room. You can tell this is a Low Key image by all the negative space. There is no shadow in this picture only a little highlight on the keyboard caused by the brightness on the screen. Part of the keyboard is light and the rest faded into the darkness. This picture can represent there will always be light in the darkness.

Sound Visualization: Phase 3

Doing this project, it was another new experience. From making visualizations from what we hear through Staccato and Legato music. Then making it into an animation, and then adding staccato and legato music to it and mashing it together. My favorite part of this project was picking out the music we wanted to do and mashing it together. This project took about 3 hours to do. The songs that I used were “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran and “Her” by Block B.


Sound Visualization: Phase #1

For this project I listened to the song “Hold On Till May” by Pierce the Veil. This song helped me create both Legato and Staccato patterns because of the way the music flows in the beginning and then builds up with guitars and drums, but then switches and slows down again around the bridge of the song. I decided to draw long cylindrical, weaving and wave shapes for Legato and for Staccato I drew triangles and zig zag shapes.


Sound Visualization: Phase #1

For this project, I listened to two types of music; Legato and Staccato to help me create patterns that go with it. Legato is music that is smooth and it flows. Staccato is music that has a fast beat and have breaks between the notes. The song that I chose for the Legato was “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran. This song was slow and had a smooth flow to it.¬†For the song, the pattern that I drew for this were wavy lines. For Staccato, the song that I chose for it was “Very Good” by Block B. This song has a heavy beat to it and has some breaks between the notes. The pattern that I decided to draw for this was zig-zags. The drawings took about 20 to 25 minutes to do.

Legato: The A Team by Ed Sheeran

Staccato: Very Good by Block B



Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

Doing this Urban Artifact project, it was something new. I didn’t know what stable or ambiguous was. From this project, I learned about what ambiguous figures and stable figures were and how I can make these two figures using the objects we found outside on the streets.¬†What I could have done better in this project was spending more time in sketching the stable figures. I¬†kind of had a hard time with the stable figure¬†and¬†figuring out if the sketches looked like they were stable. But from critiquing,¬†I got a lot of helpful feedback on my project¬†on¬†how I can make it better. From what I learned about ambiguous and stable figures, I would be able to use those techniques and ideas in the next project we have.


Urban Artifact: Phase 4

From this project, I have learned two different figure, stable and ambiguous figure-grand. My favorite part of this project is using the exacto knife to cut off the shape I want, although my desk was scratched, but its still a very nice experience. From the beginning to the end of the project, I have changed many details on my creations from phase to phase, I thought I could make them better. Indeed, I did make them better but I lost the concept of the words. I thought if I make the image simple enough and clear, it will be a stable figure, but stable figure¬†have an imbalance of figure and ground (70/30), wherein the ground ‚Äúsupports‚ÄĚ or surrounds the figure. This is what I have done wrong. And I hope in the next project I can clearly understand and memorize this little details.


Urban Artifact: Phase 4

From this project, not only did I learned what figure-ground relationship was but I saw different ways on how to execute this relationship through the work of my peers. Being able to create a figure-ground relationship from artifacts you found on street really shows that art is everywhere. ¬†Even though everybody had to create obvious pieces and ambiguous pieces, there was none that was identical to another person. Everyone had their own unique style and different concepts of their art. What I could’ve done better was time management. Before doing the actual sketches, I had to make sure the borders were in the right measurements and nothing can be miscalculated. I took a very long time on that part including my sketches but it’s something I will work on to get better at. Not only was I ecstatic of my final work but through the critique people mentioned that my progression from my previous sketches to my final work was successful. I felt proud that I’d decided to take the chance to refine my work and add in new additions to it. Seeing from where I started to where I finished shows the improvements I’ve made and that if I put dedication into my work there’s a rewarding payoff.