Urban Artifact: Phase 4

From this project, not only did I learned what figure-ground relationship was but I saw different ways on how to execute this relationship through the work of my peers. Being able to create a figure-ground relationship from artifacts you found on street really shows that art is everywhere.  Even though everybody had to create obvious pieces and ambiguous pieces, there was none that was identical to another person. Everyone had their own unique style and different concepts of their art. What I could’ve done better was time management. Before doing the actual sketches, I had to make sure the borders were in the right measurements and nothing can be miscalculated. I took a very long time on that part including my sketches but it’s something I will work on to get better at. Not only was I ecstatic of my final work but through the critique people mentioned that my progression from my previous sketches to my final work was successful. I felt proud that I’d decided to take the chance to refine my work and add in new additions to it. Seeing from where I started to where I finished shows the improvements I’ve made and that if I put dedication into my work there’s a rewarding payoff.


3 thoughts on “Urban Artifact: Phase 4”

  1. I agree with you about the exact measurement that we have to put up in our project. I also had a hard time measuring and the constant annoyance over whelmed me with the frustration at the end! You should also add on to your post about what the professor and our peers said at the critiquing the other day. The professor kind of mention to add that in the instruction.

  2. I like what you said about everyone had their own unique style and different concepts of their art. I totally agree with this opinion. And I like your style of this project a lot, especially the stable figure-ground that you chose for the final phase 3. For that figure-ground, I felt nature and healing because I see a girl standing above a mountain. The shapes and composition make me think through that path. Nice work Brandy.

  3. I think that even though we both had a rough time with the border measurements, we now know how we handle those types of things, and we can plan accordingly when we have to deal with them in future projects. Your meticulous efforts clearly showed in the way your cutouts were presented, since it looks like you made sure to cut in every last groove and bump to try and match your inked versions as closely as possible. For compositions with long, complex figures like in your final ambiguous piece, maybe it might have taken less time to trace and cut out each object individually and then glue them together into your chosen arrangement when you had all your pieces together, although I don’t know if you already tried such a method.

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