Urban Artifact: Phase 4

From this project, not only did I learned what figure-ground relationship was but I saw different ways on how to execute this relationship through the work of my peers. Being able to create a figure-ground relationship from artifacts you found on street really shows that art is everywhere.  Even though everybody had to create obvious pieces and ambiguous pieces, there was none that was identical to another person. Everyone had their own unique style and different concepts of their art. What I could’ve done better was time management. Before doing the actual sketches, I had to make sure the borders were in the right measurements and nothing can be miscalculated. I took a very long time on that part including my sketches but it’s something I will work on to get better at. Not only was I ecstatic of my final work but through the critique people mentioned that my progression from my previous sketches to my final work was successful. I felt proud that I’d decided to take the chance to refine my work and add in new additions to it. Seeing from where I started to where I finished shows the improvements I’ve made and that if I put dedication into my work there’s a rewarding payoff.


Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

From this project, I learned and understand the figure-ground relationships. To be honest, starting the project was pretty simple and easy. However, I did not realize until after going though the inking part of the design was the hardest part of the project. When I was inking the project, my mind was full with regrets about picking every artifacts. Especially inking the bobby-pin was a challenge for me. I also thought about the same thing when cutting the black paper with the Xacto knife, and gluing things together. However, above all I believe that I done a good job. I am really proud of my self and surprised when Professor Spevack complemented on my designs and great critiques from my peers in class. I was more surprised when no one said anything on how I should improve. However, when professor said that one of the design was not so great in figure-ground design. I was actually happy to hear negative comments on my design, because I can actually improve my self.

Final Design
Final Design
All of my other design
All of my other design



Person who brags a lot

Source: Merriam-Webster

I encountered this word at the end of the sample from the reading expert “City Limits” by Colson Whitehead. “Except for that bit about the Dutch buying Manhattan for twenty-four bucks there are and always will be braggarts who “got in at the right time.”” I never heard of this word this before nor I read it somewhere else. The reason what caught my attention was the pronunciation of the word. I believe this word fits the upper class, because of how much money they make compared to the lower class. This sentence shows that the Dutch were braggarts, because they bought Manhattan for twenty-four bucks. Compared to the time back than, the money became less value than it used to be.