Urban Artifacts: Phase 1 Discover

From my journey, the three artifacts that I discovered was a caramel candy wrapper, a small green candy wrapper, and a green stick.

Caramel Candy Wrapper: I found this artifact in front of the City Tech main entrance. Someone must have been eating the candy before going into the building and just threw it on the sidewalk. The wrapper is kind of crumbled but wasn’t ripped open. The shape of the wrapper might be organic.

Green Candy Wrapper: I found this second artifact at the corner of Tilary Street.  The candy wrapper is small and has Chinese writing on it. It’s also opened in the back. A person must have wanted something to snack on while going somewhere. While opening the candy they probably dropped it without realizing. The shape of it is a geometric shape.

Green Stick: I found this third artifact in front of a gas station. I’m not sure what is it exactly, but I’m guessing it’s a stick you mix your coffee with. It’s dirty and looks like it’s been stepped on. While filling up their car with gas, the person probably bought a cup of coffee while waiting. When they were done with it, they just threw it on the ground. The shape of the stick is a geometric shape.

Sketches: The each of the sketches took around 10 minutes


IMG_2451IMG_2450  IMG_2452IMG_2449




Urban Artifacts: Phase 1: Discover


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  • Trix Yogurt

I found the trip yogurt container on Tillary Street. It was compressed or flattened and a little dirty when I found it but it still has those bright beautiful colors on it. a child or a man/woman must’ve been eating this for a snack and when he or she was finished with it they didn’t wait till they found a garbage to throw it away and thats how it ended up on the ground.

  • Piece of Concrete

This piece of concrete i found on the corner of Jay street and Tillary Street it was next to a sign i think the sign might have been a bus stop but not to sure. Since there is construction going on something must have happened to make the piece break off from the ground.

  • Flower

I found a flower on Myrtle ave and Flatbush but i did not use it to trace on my paper because i was unable to use that one do to the fact that it died while sitting in the bag for so long. So on the way home that day i picked up a flower that looked similar in shape and color.


Urban Artifacts: Phase 1: Discover

My  Discovery

The three artifacts I found are a piece of wood, a flower, and a beer cap.

The first artifact I found is a piece of wood at a corner of the street, its dirty, broken, and brown. It has a rectangular shape with some spikes on it. I guess its part of a chair or table. It breaks off somehow, maybe someone was moving the  chair or table and it bump into something, a piece dropped on the street.

The second artifact I found is a flower in a small garden at the middle of a street. Its small, fresh and pink with five petal. It fell off from its branch not long ago.

The third artifact I found is a beer cap next to a car. Its dirty, rusty, and old. It must be dropped few years ago, and it has been stomp or roll so much times,s o it seems so flat. I think someone drank a beer on the street, he dropped the cap and never picked up.

These three artifacts are all found on the street. The difference between these three things are that, the piece of wood is “wood”, the flower is living thing, and the beer cap is a metal.

Sketches: all sketches took an hour to draw/each sketch took around 5-10 minus to draw.


ambiguous 1

ambiguous 3

ambiguous 4

ambiguous 5

ambiguous 6

ambiguous 2



Stable 6

Stable 5

Stable 3

Stable 2

Stable 1

Urban Artifacts: Phase 1: Discover

My Discovery

The three artifacts I discovered are a nail, a soda can and a tree twig. The first artifact is a rusty nail. It is a long cylinder with a point at the end and a flat spare at the other end. It is very old, rusty, and solid. It is more geometric but can also be organic. I found this nail on the street near a construction site. It was probably dropped their by a construction worker.

The second artifact I found is a soda can. It has been stepped on and now it is flat. The soda can is organic, I see lines and curves. I found this can on the side walk. I imagine someone drinking out of the can and when the soda finished, they just dropped it on the street, then walked away.

The third artifact I found is a tree twig. The twig is organic since it was created by nature. I can see a lot of lines and curves. I found this twig on the side walk also, I imagine it fell from a tree and was left on the ground.

All these artifacts are completely different. The nail, soda can, and twig all have different properties such as shapes and forms. They are all created and made by something different. They all serves a different purpose.

Sketches: Each one consisted of approximately 5-10 minutes each/ an hour overall.