Urban Artifacts: Phase 1: Discover

My Discovery

The three artifacts I discovered are a nail, a soda can and a tree twig. The first artifact is a rusty nail. It is a long cylinder with a point at the end and a flat spare at the other end. It is very old, rusty, and solid. It is more geometric but can also be organic. I found this nail on the street near a construction site. It was probably dropped their by a construction worker.

The second artifact I found is a soda can. It has been stepped on and now it is flat. The soda can is organic, I see lines and curves. I found this can on the side walk. I imagine someone drinking out of the can and when the soda finished, they just dropped it on the street, then walked away.

The third artifact I found is a tree twig. The twig is organic since it was created by nature. I can see a lot of lines and curves. I found this twig on the side walk also, I imagine it fell from a tree and was left on the ground.

All these artifacts are completely different. The nail, soda can, and twig all have different properties such as shapes and forms. They are all created and made by something different. They all serves a different purpose.

Sketches: Each one consisted of approximately 5-10 minutes each/ an hour overall.



4 thoughts on “Urban Artifacts: Phase 1: Discover”

  1. Hi! I really like your artifacts, because of the way it is putted. The organic artifacts that you found, made the complete art work extend its beauty of nature. The shades of the tree twig made it bigger so that it looks like an image form a mountain. The rusty nail made it look like it is supporting the three branches. I can’t really tell where you placed the soda can, probably it is well blended in the art work. I would like to see what you can do with only 1 or 2 artifacts at your hand.

  2. Your use of the nail made a lot of your compositions look pleasantly sharp. Coupled with the organic lines of the twig, the contrast between them worked out really nicely, like in your first ambiguous sketch and your fourth and sixth stable sketches. Stable sketches 2, 4, and 6 feel like they could work as logos for something like a banner or as emblems.

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