Urban Artifacts: Phase 1: Discover


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  • Trix Yogurt

I found the trip yogurt container on Tillary Street. It was compressed or flattened and a little dirty when I found it but it still has those bright beautiful colors on it. a child or a man/woman must’ve been eating this for a snack and when he or she was finished with it they didn’t wait till they found a garbage to throw it away and thats how it ended up on the ground.

  • Piece of Concrete

This piece of concrete i found on the corner of Jay street and Tillary Street it was next to a sign i think the sign might have been a bus stop but not to sure. Since there is construction going on something must have happened to make the piece break off from the ground.

  • Flower

I found a flower on Myrtle ave and Flatbush but i did not use it to trace on my paper because i was unable to use that one do to the fact that it died while sitting in the bag for so long. So on the way home that day i picked up a flower that looked similar in shape and color.


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  1. You did great on your stable sketches i just feel the ambiguous can use more touch up because its sort of on the stable side, try filling up the page more or making things touch.

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