Sound Visualization: Phase 3

Doing this project, it was another new experience. From making visualizations from what we hear through Staccato and Legato music. Then making it into an animation, and then adding staccato and legato music to it and mashing it together. My favorite part of this project was picking out the music we wanted to do and mashing it together. This project took about 3 hours to do. The songs that I used were “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran and “Her” by Block B.


Sound Visualizations: Phase 3

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After about approximately 3 hours of work time overall, I was able to finish my final animation for project #2. Overall im pretty satisfied with the final product, although i wish i couldve had more time to experiment with the Animatron program, and been able to learn how to use it better. I used the songs “Without Me” by Eminem, which is a very straight,staccato rap composition, and “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars, which is a more flowing legato composition.


Sound Visualization Phase 1

For this project i chose to use the song Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas. I chose this song because its the theme song to one of my favorite television shows and also because this song let me do both the legato and staccato drawings because it starts off nice and soothing then when the beat drops and you hear the drums is when you can get the staccato drawings and the legato when it switches back to the soothing rhythm.

Staccato on left when looking at it portrait / legato on the right
legato on left looking at it in portrait / staccato on right

Sound Visualizations Project #2: Phase 1

The song I chose for this phase is Stay Ready, by Jhene Aiko. The reason I chose this particular song (other than it being one of my favorite of all time) is because it has many kinds of instrumentals that can be considered both staccato and legato. Its composed of two parts, first part being a very smooth and melodic tone, second being more acoustic and stable so to speak. Its starting tones have such a mellow and calm feel to it, sort of like a flow. These are some words that come to mind when i think “legato”. Upon the songs ending, it becomes more of a sharp beat and instrument. It has more of a pulse as well. Qualities i think of when it comes to “Staccato” The song does have kind of a monotony though, which is only broken when the songs second part comes in. Its bass beat is repetitive, though the sudden changes in the instrumentals keep it interesting regardless. Not a lot of songs use a “two part” format, but this song executes it well, especially since it actually breaks monotony with the sudden change in tone, beat, and overall emotion of the song.

Sound Visualizations: Phase 1

For the first part of the project, The music I choose is “Life” by Tobu, it helps me to create these figures, Legato and Staccato. Legatos is when the music feels really calm, light with the piano sound, and also the heavy beat. Staccatos is when the electric sound comes or at the some part of the music that feels like the sound is turning really fast with a really small angle.

Used two and half hour to finish in total.

YouTube:  Tobu-Life






Sound Visualiazations: Phase 1

The song I chose is “Eternal Pose” which is the 15th ending of my favorite anime One Piece. In the beginning there’s a major legato feeling then there’s a staccato beat that is added in. With this song you get the feeling of these contrasting sounds in unison. In the staccato sketches, I felt the use of straight lines would represent a constant beat. The zig-zag lines represent transition into the more staccato feeling . The stars represent the snare drum sound I hear. The difference in line weight would show the on and off beat feeling. In the legato sketches, I felt the use of more curvy lines would represent the flow of notes that are held for a period of time from the violin. The repetition of circles would show represent the transition from one note to another from the guitar. The short curved lines would represent the cymbal crashes.

Each sketch took 30 mins(in total 6 hours)