Sound Visualiazations: Phase 1

The song I chose is “Eternal Pose” which is the 15th ending of my favorite anime One Piece. In the beginning there’s a major legato feeling then there’s a staccato beat that is added in. With this song you get the feeling of these contrasting sounds in unison. In the staccato sketches, I felt the use of straight lines would represent a constant beat. The zig-zag lines represent transition into the more staccato feeling . The stars represent the snare drum sound I hear. The difference in line weight would show the on and off beat feeling. In the legato sketches, I felt the use of more curvy lines would represent the flow of notes that are held for a period of time from the violin. The repetition of circles would show represent the transition from one note to another from the guitar. The short curved lines would represent the cymbal crashes.

Each sketch took 30 mins(in total 6 hours)







2 thoughts on “Sound Visualiazations: Phase 1”

  1. Your design is very intriguing! The shapes and the movement of the lines are moving in different direction. I noticed that your legato design is more space concept, the series of circles in each design. (It might not be a concept, but I see it that way!) It almost looks like a atom also. I think there is little science going on in your design!

  2. Your design is unique and pretty. I can see theres other than one compositions in each boxes. I also can see you spend a lot of time on decorating them, especially the small dots on your Legato figure.

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