Sound Visualization Phase 1

For this project i chose to use the song Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas. I chose this song because its the theme song to one of my favorite television shows and also because this song let me do both the legato and staccato drawings because it starts off nice and soothing then when the beat drops and you hear the drums is when you can get the staccato drawings and the legato when it switches back to the soothing rhythm.

Staccato on left when looking at it portrait / legato on the right
legato on left looking at it in portrait / staccato on right

1 thought on “Sound Visualization Phase 1”

  1. With your chose of music I definitely felt the elements of legato and staccato. With the legato I feel as the piano gives that soothing effect but at the same time it has a fast tempo which in your sketches your wavy lines show that. With the staccato the zig- zag lines I feel shows the electric guitar while the straight lines are the bass. in the sketch that is on the bottom right I feel that represents the drums in this piece.

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