Project #2 (Draft 2)

Have you ever been to any other borough other than Manhattan? Many of us are afraid to take a step forward to the unknown place that we have never set our foot on. What if there is an opportunity opened up before our eyes? Would you take a chance to discover something you haven’t encountered? People see unusual things such as an expensive store like Swarovski jewelry store next to an Off Price Fashion Outlet, which is a store you can get cheap clothes. Although, Manhattan consumers know areas to get specific cheap and expensive items, Brooklyn consumers get the overlap of the contrasting elements.

Brooklyn is one of the five boughs that represents New York City. It combines with many mixed society that expresses equality toward the people and their culture. In Brooklyn, there are many stores that have different backgrounds which is nothing like what we see in other boroughs of New York, includes Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, or Staten Island. Stores in Brooklyn is where different boroughs are collided together, meaning stores from Manhattan can be found in Brooklyn next to stores from Bronx. It makes a whole new mixed borough that does not identify difference in people nor their social class and culture. Most of the stores are differentiated by cheap and expensive, the element of juxtaposition of the costs where stores contrasts each other. There are many stores on Fulton Street that has an example that shows the juxtaposition of cheap and expensive stores. One of the example is, there is a Off Price Fashion Outlet, where you can get cheap clothes next to an expensive Swarovski jewelry store. This weird combination of stores next to each other makes this borough unique. Another example of juxtaposition where time overlaps is; there was a T-mobile store in Fulton Street, however within a few days the store was already empty and the sign were gone. This kind of phenomenon happens where your memory thinks that “It was just there a few days ago” this is something that we don’t see everyday, other than Brooklyn.

On the other hand, Manhattan is an interesting that is most known for the reputation of New York City. Times Square, which is in Manhattan is a very famous place that everyone knows about it, if you are currently living in New York City or if you hear the city’s name. This place intrigues people by the lights of the Broadway shows, TKTS known as ticket booth, Empire State Building, Central Park, the ball drop on New Years and it is called the place where beginning of fashion started. Instead of having stores mixed like in Brooklyn, Manhattan is divided into two parts that shows the example of juxtaposition. Manhattan is divided into West and East sides, they are different in which people believe that expensive stores are located in the east side and cheap stores are located in the west side where more people can afford. This statement may not be true, many people know when they reach to a certain areas that they come across are different. Example of juxtapositions between cheap and expensive stores in Manhattan is a lot similar in Brooklyn, however same stores in costs are located in the same areas.

Comparing the borough between Brooklyn and Manhattan, it is shown that Brooklyn borough are more mixed in society. There is no difference in social class with the store management where everything have to be the same. Each store are different but in the same location. Because of these stores are arranged, it focuses on the client-tell feel more comfortable walking the place they are familiar. Brooklyn makes the people feel welcome and to show that there is no difference in their background stories. An example is Swarovski, an expensive jewelry store that is usually found in mid-town Manhattan. However, was found in Brooklyn where the store was next to an Off Price Fashion Outlet store, where you can get cheap clothes. This historic symbol of an swan and its name itself represents their example of elegance and beauty, it also makes the store to stands out what is around it. This example shows the different juxtaposition of overlapping costs in cheap and expensive stores.

When there is a opportunity opened up, take the chance where they show the different part of city that you have not seen before. Manhattan can be a place that is intriguing, because of the Broadway shows, TKTS known as ticket booth, Empire State Building, Central Park, the ball drop on New Years and it is called the place where beginning of fashion started. However, Brooklyn represent something more and unique that shows other people from the borough to understand their difference that are congenial to them. Places like Brooklyn, it makes you think that you just teleported to a different part of New York City, by only taking a few steps.