Color Harmony: Phase 3

After our trip to Cooper Hewitt, I decided to choose a piece of art by Saul Bass called Exodus. This piece was created in 1961, and was poster designed for Otter Preminger’s film Exodus. I chose this particular piece because i thought it would be an excellent color scheme for my humument, and it also featured fire, which is already a pretty important part of my piece. I then created its color pallet, and used it as a base for my own cover art.



Color Harmony: Phase 3

I chose this image (DATA VISUALIZATION, FLIGHT PATTERNS, 2005–08) to reference in my Humument book cover because it is a juxtaposition of my books them. The original theme is about a boy becoming of age, and the new theme is mysterious. This image is mysterious because of all the negative space with the colorful spirals in the center.
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Time Spent – about 2 hours.

Color Interaction Parings: Phase 3

Free-Study – Paired Color Identities with Simultaneous Contrast

Step 1 – Color Research Process.

Jay  Shadin
FINAL COLOR – Saturated Red

Step 2 – Color Mockups 

Step 2 Color Mockup
Step 2 Color Mockup

Step 3 –  Icon Research Process


Step 4/5: Icon Mockup / Final Execution / Presentation


This Part of this project was fun to create. We had to chose a color that represents our partners personalities and then create an icon that would represent them while also creating Simulated contrast.

Time – This took about 4 hours.

Saturation Studies: Phase 3

spicy pop

For this phase I was out in TK and Ashley’s group, we had to make a poster that follows 3 cards that was assigned to our group. We had to make a title that was a cross-sensory metaphor. In other words using, words that involves the senses of the body such as touch, taste smell, etc. For our title we used the sense of taste and sound which is “spicy” and Pop Our main primary color had to be a warm color, so we went with red. We went with a bad religion style for our composition. This poster took 3 hours to complete.

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 3

This is my finished Narrow Range Collages, as you can see the focal point is on the top left. You can get there by following the zipper.

This is my finished Broad-Range Painting & Broad-Range Collage. The focal point is in the middle, where the hands folds-in in a way like a flower.

Broad-Range Collage & Broad-Range Painting
Broad-Range Collage & Broad-Range Painting

Time Spent of this part of the project, about 5 hours.

Sound Visualization: Phase 3 and 4

In this project, I learned how to make designs based on staccato and legato sounds. I have to say I struggled mostly with the staccato designs because my designs were way too complicated. What I did was refine of few of the staccato designs and made it more centered instead of all over the place. I also had a tough time picking staccato music since my earlier choices didn’t have much of an impact with the beat because of the instrument. Even though I came across some struggles, I had a lot of fun experimenting with this project. This project made me come up with designs I never knew I could come up with. Now as a final result I’ve created an animated mash up that has an African drumbeat mixed with a song called “Only You” by Winter Sonata. The time it took to complete this project was 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Animation Mashup: Here

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

This phase of the project relates to the previous phases because in the previous phases we sketch our artifacts in an interesting way. Then we chose four and ink them. In this phase we chose two of the inked compositions and transform them into paper. Therefore the previous phases led to out final product.

Cut Paper Compositions

Final Product
Final Product

The Stable composition took 20 minutes, The Ambiguous composition took 30 minutes, in total (including drawing the rectangles) took an hour.