Sound Visualization: Phase 3 and 4

In this project, I learned how to make designs based on staccato and legato sounds. I have to say I struggled mostly with the staccato designs because my designs were way too complicated. What I did was refine of few of the staccato designs and made it more centered instead of all over the place. I also had a tough time picking staccato music since my earlier choices didn’t have much of an impact with the beat because of the instrument. Even though I came across some struggles, I had a lot of fun experimenting with this project. This project made me come up with designs I never knew I could come up with. Now as a final result I’ve created an animated mash up that has an African drumbeat mixed with a song called “Only You” by Winter Sonata. The time it took to complete this project was 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Animation Mashup: Here

2 thoughts on “Sound Visualization: Phase 3 and 4”

  1. I like your animation, because you took your time in finding out the right song that matches your legato and the design. Make sure that you check your description, where you missed a space in between a period and the beginning of the next sentence and a big gap at the end of the sentence. Other than that, nice job with the animation!

  2. I had something of the opposite issue with staccato designs, as I would’ve liked to have them be a bit more complex without sacrificing the essence of the concept. I think that your music choices match up nicely with your designs, and the whole mashup works together because both staccato and legato music choices and designs are so distinct that they can be taken in parallel yet the rhythm of the whole composition can just as easily be conveyed.

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