ENG 1101 Classwork: Thesis statements and outlines

The purpose of identifying this juxtaposition is to observe how Duffield Street’s older buildings mesh with the rest of MetroTech by virtue of sharing a common set of New Yorkers.

Although Duffield Street represents an older New York than the MetroTech development, by occupying the same space, they attract a common set of New Yorkers who benefit from their diverse offerings.

  • different buildings
  • different people
  • different offerings
  • comparison

Block format–all about one, then all about the other plus comparison

  1. Duffield Buildings–describe
  2. Who uses them
  3. For what purposes
  4. Metrotech buildings–describe
  5. who uses them
  6. for what purposes
  7. JUXTAPOSITION (either 7 or throughout 4, 5, and 6)

New outline: Point-by-point comparison

  1. Buildings–
    1. Duffield;
    2. Metrotech
  2. Uses–
    1. Duffield;
    2. Metrotech
  3. People–
    1. Duffield;
    2. Metrotech

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