Sound Visualization: Phase 3+4

I enjoyed for working on this animation project. I learned to create an animation by using animatron and add sounds for it. The most challenging part in this project for me is the first step which is designed figures for legato and staccato, I create them in complex ways and it didn’t work well so I got restarted over in order to design other compositions. The easiest part is when I animated it. Animated was relaxing and fun, I can listen to music at the same time I do the animation part, thats why this is my favorite step for this project.

It took me about 1 hr to finish phase 3.

This is my animation check it out: Here

3 thoughts on “Sound Visualization: Phase 3+4”

  1. I like your choice in music where it matches your design. I like the fast motion, where it matches with the staccato and the legato song. It gives the listener the mysterious feelings, which I enjoyed. Over all, it is a nice animation that you made. However, I think the animation is too long. I really like the begging and the end so try to cut out the middle part of the animation/music. It will work out if you do that.

  2. Your animation really accentuates the idea of a snowy, wintry feeling (especially with the snowflakes increasing in scale) and scene, and the chosen music helps a lot with that too. I liked how the chime concludes the animation, and assists in supporting your idea of the crystal designs as representing chimes. The way in which the snowflake increases in size and leaves the frame at the very end of the animation, when everything disappears, is like pulling a curtain over the scene, which I thought was nice for how smooth the fade was and how precisely the music and animation were coordinated.

  3. I agree with Ayano on the animation being a bit long but I also agree with Romie on the fading at the the end. I liked how frantic the staccato music and the snowflakes were. While everything else was high in energy you left the main big snow breeze in the lower right corner to fade in and out smoothly along with the chimes. I feel like your music mashup is unified with your animation and you did a great job on it.

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