Project 3: Revised Pitch

Everyday when we’re off to our destination, we are always taking the same route either on the train, bus, or driving, and seeing the same thing. When traveling, we never really take our time to pay attention or take in what’s around us. We’re use to seeing the same things around us that most of us don’t pay attention to the nature, it’s beauty, and the environment. With the app of  “Walk n’ Nature”, you’ll be able to walk to your destination while also being able to see the nature around you.


One place that will be introduced in the walk will be Columbus Park on Court Street. Starting from the Namm building of City Tech on 300 Jay Street, go south on Jay Street and go towards Johnson Street/Tech Plaza. Turn right onto there, then turn left onto Adam Street/Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard. Turn right towards Adam Street/Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard and then turn another right onto Adam St/Brooklyn Bridge Blvd. Turn left onto Johnson Street, then turn left at Cadman Plaza E, then walk down a little more and you’re at Columbus Park. When you arrive there, you’ll also be able to sit and relax and take in the nature that surrounds you. You’ll see mostly trees and see that it makes a pathway. You’ll also see a fountain that is surrounded with plants. Not only that, but you might also be able to see a farmers’ market. This park gives you the sense of openness and space.  


Exiting from Columbus Park, you can head down to Cadman Plaza Park which is only eight minutes away. When exiting, head east, then turn left on Cadman Plaza East. Turn left onto Tillary Street, then turn right, take a left turn, and then take another right. From where you are, the park should be on the right. When you are in Cadman Plaza Park, you are surrounded with nature. Depending on the season, you might get a different feeling of the park. If you go in the summer and spring time, you’ll see all the trees filled with green leaves and see the different type and colors of flowers that are bloomed. If you go in the fall and winter time, you’ll see that the leaves have changed color and it’s all falling. In some parts of the park, you might feel an eerie sense. From all the trees that are in the park, it’s like a small forest. The walkway in the park also makes it feel like a forest. There are benches in the park where you can relax. There is also a small grass area/field where you can play any outdoor activities. Since dogs are allowed in this park, you might see people with their dog. Another park that is kind of similar to this is Walt Whitman Park. Just head north on Cadman Plaza East, turn left, turn right, turn left, and turn left again. The park should be on the left. This park also has a path where you can walk through, benches where you can sit and this park has game tables.


The next location that will be introduced is Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The walk here would only take around eleven minutes. From Cadman Plaza Park, head north and make a right turn towards Cadman Plaza E. Turn left towards Cadman Plaza E and make a left onto Cadman Plaza E. Turn left again onto Prospect Street, then turn right onto Old Fulton Street. Turn left to stay on Old Fulton Street and continue to stay onto Furman Street. Turn right and then just turn slightly left. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a long platform and a pedestrian walkway. Here you would be able to see Lower Manhattan’s skyline from across. You’ll also be able to see the New York Harbor, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty from afar. You can sit and watch the view of the river and see some helicopters fly by. The feeling you get from this place is calm and peaceful. You’ll be able to walk on your own pace and see the views around you.


With “Walk n’ Nature” you’ll be able to go to your destination while also getting to be able to see and pass through nature. This app provides you with either choice of a short distance or long distance from your destination. This app will also tell you a little bit of information about the place. You’ll be able to see nature, it’s beauty and the environment around it.

Eng. Project #3 – The Route

You only live once thus you need to break off from your everyday routine and do new things every day, try new things, see new things. Enjoy life for what life is. And with this app it does just that. This app takes you away from your everyday boring walk to school and leads you in a new walk that will excite you and appreciate the way our planet really is.

Today’s new walking route will start from Hoyt – Schermerhorn, Brooklyn, NY, United States, and lead you to your destination at City Tech.

Instead of getting off the train at Jay Street MetroTech Station and walk for about 3 minutes to reach city tech, let’s take a new route and see the beauty around the City Tech Community. This new route will only take you about 16 minutes, 13 minutes more than your usual walk to school. The sense of this walk is to see beauty around us. Your new route will start from Hoyt – Schermerhorn train station, one stop before Jay Street MetroTech Station. Once you come out of the station, you will have to;

Head southeast on Schermerhorn Street toward Bond Street.

Then turn left onto Nevins Street.

Then turn left onto Flatbush Ave.

Then a slight Left onto Fulton Street.

Then turn right onto Bridge Street.

Then turn left towards Jay Street.

Then Turn right onto Jay Street.

Walk straight until you see City Tech.

While on this new route you will see so many beautiful things you have never seen or even know about. This walk will worth your wild. This description will not tell you what you will see, therefore you will have to see it for yourself in person for the first time. Nothing beats seeing something right in front of you rather than seeing it on a screen first.

However some locations you will see are below. 

Eng. Project #2 Draft #1

Project #2 Overlapping New Yorks

New York is always changing thus leaving different sensory in our neighborhood. I went around the City Tech neighborhood in look to find any overlapping New Yorks, and I did. In order to find the overlapping New York I found, you first need to exit City Tech from the Namm building. Once you are outside, turn right on Jay Street and start walking. As you walk for about 5 minutes, you will pass a parking-lot, a Halal Cart, a resting area where a lot of people will be sitting and socializing with their family or friends. Then the Jay Street Metro Tech subway. As soon as you pass the subway about half way through the block, look across the street and you will see the overlapping New York. You will see a tall beautiful building called the Brooklyn Fire Headquarters and right next to it you will see a small store name Metro Café.

The Overlapping New York here is a big beautiful building (Brooklyn Fire Headquarters) and a small store name Metro Star Café. The Big building is newly renovated, whereas the Café looks old as if it was there for a very long time. It has an old time look to it, but the fire house looks very nice and it fits the time period it is in. The fire house has a pointy roof top, you can see the patterns in the design on the roof, whereas the Café has a flat roof and you cannot even see it from the street view. The Fire house is a huge building about 6 stories high, and it even has a balcony. The café is just two stories high. The fire house has many windows about 20, where the café only has about 3. The fire house is made of brick where the café is not. On the café you can clearly see the name on it right at the top, but you cannot see the name of the fire house on the building anywhere. My guess is they have not put it up as of yet. The fire house has a arch door entrance and a regular door entrance which really makes the design of the building beautiful. As for the café, it has a very basic door entrance.

The Fire Headquarters represents New York’s safety. New York is very quick when it comes to responding to danger. The Café represents New Yorkers and food. New Yorkers love food. New Yorkers live on Coffee, we have to get up early and coffee is the way to get that morning boost.

The photo I took shows the frame of both buildings. On the right is the small café, and on the left is the huge fire house. It captures the juxtaposition nicely. You can clearly see how different these two buildings really are. The main focus here is the fire house because of the size, whereas the café is so small, you barley look at it. These two buildings are completely different, the Fire house is big, tall, and very clean like the other buildings around there, when the café is a small short building smack in the middle of the tall big buildings. Both buildings however are highly maintained.


Project #2: Location

For project 2, the location that I decided to do was the U.S. Polo Association Outlet Store on 468 Fulton Street. From the City Tech building, it’s only a walking distance to the store. When you get out from the Namm building, you turn right and just walk straight until you’re at the corner of 2 Smith Street. When you’re walking from Jay Street, you’ll pass by the Supreme and Family Court, the Jay Street/MetroTech train station, and some stores on the way. When you get to the corner of 2 Smith Street, cross the street and continue to walk straight. On you’re walk, you’ll pass through many shops such as Gap, Footlocker, Unique, Macy’s, American Eagle Outfitters, Kay Jewelers, Modells Sporting Shops, Jouney’s. When you see Aldo’s, you’ll see the Polo Outlet Store right next to it. You won’t be able to miss it because of the cream colored building and the large blue polo logo on the store.

IMG_2500        Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.54.59 PM           Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.53.46 PM


Project #2: Locations

For this project I chose to the modells on 94-11 Rockaway Blvd. To get to this location you exit out of the Namm building and turn right so you’ll be on 300 Jay street, then from there keep walking straight till you get to the A train, its not that hard to miss because theres a big area for just the A,C and F train and its surrounded by construction and you’ll see people coming in and out of the train. You’re going to want to take the A train heading towards Queens, NY, you then get on the train take it 9 stops going to Rockaway Blvd get off the train and head down the stairs once you are down the stairs you turn right and cross the street and first you’ll see a hotdog stand next to a PC Richards then walk straight across Rockaway Blvd and you’ll see a Dunkin Donuts Then you turn right and walk across Woodhaven Blvd you finally get to the Modells. Which use to be a movie theatre that I use to go to, it was actually the first movie theater i ever went to, so this area brings back memories of when i was younger.

Screenshot_2015-09-29-15-40-49 Directions

Screenshot_2015-09-29-15-03-43 Screenshot_2015-09-29-15-05-18


This is the modells and the movie theatre it use to be.

Eng. Project #2: Location

In order to find the overlapping New York I found, you first need to exit City Tech from the Namm building. Once you are outside, turn right on Jay Street and start walking. As you walk for about 5 minutes, you will pass a parking-lot, a Halal Cart, a resting area where a lot of people will be sitting and socializing with their family or friends. Then the Jay Street Metro Tech subway. As soon as you pass the subway about half way through the block, look across the street and you will see the overlapping New York. You will see a tall beautiful building called the  Brooklyn Fire Headquartersand and right next to it you will see a small store name Metro Café.




: something that makes it difficult to do or complete something : something that interferes with movement or progress

: a condition that makes it difficult to speak normally


I found this word while reading the tenth paragraph on page 9 in “City Limits”. I found it in the sentence, “It saw you steeling yourself for the job interview, slowly walking home after the late date, tripping over nonexistent impediments on the sidewalk.” When I seen the word in the sentence, I remember hearing that word before but never knew what it exactly meant. From this word in the sentence, I’m guessing the author is trying to say is that something is interfering with the person’s movement.



City Limits Summary

“City Limits” is the first chapter of the novel The Colossus of New York by Colson Whitehead. The author goes back and forth with first and second person throughout this whole chapter. From Colson Whitehead’s point of view, he talks about his life and memories living in New York City. One of his first memories was on the uptown No. 1 train looking out the window on the way to 125th Street. He also mentions that it is the early seventies, so that must have been the year he had his first memory. Whitehead also remembers that everything was filthy, but because that is how his city is, he is sticking with it. From the second person point of view, Whitehead uses it in the first paragraph guessing why the reader is living in New York. In the sixth paragraph, Whitehead mentions how the New York we live in is different and not the New York he lived in. The New York that we are living in is changing and nothing is really the same anymore. He also mentions that the city knows you better as a person than anyone else. The city remembers and sees all of what you’ve done. For Colson Whitehead, no matter if you were born here or living here, you’ll also be a New Yorker. The feelings of the city won’t become unfamiliar to you and you will be attached to it as you’re staying there.



The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

Source – Google Definitions

I encountered this word while reading the description for project #2

“On your walk, look for sites of different New Yorks overlapping—such juxtapositions include old and new,”

Now that I know the meaning of Juxtaposition, I know understand that I will be looking for two things in New York that are close together that looks different.

[Glossary Entry 2]

Project #1 Introductions (Final)

Sometimes I wonder to myself, what are people’s usual first impressions about me upon meeting me? What do people assume and infer about me as an individual at a glance? I am a Freshmen here at City Tech. I am 18 years old and I am of Ecuadorian and Salvadorian descent. I live in the Bronx (6 line) and I’ve had a passion for visual arts for as long as I can remember. Ever since I could even speak, I used to always tell my parents how much I wanted to be an “art-teeest” as I used to say it. Growing up I became more and more fascinated in the way art was used to decorate the world around me, and how important it was to so many people in being able to express ideas and imagination. I began to draw and paint every single day. I used to carry my mini sketchbook with me everywhere I went. In it I would have such childish but imaginative and crazy drawings, which till this day, I still possess that free style in my work. I used to beg my parents to take me to the MOMA almost every weekend, after my first time visiting it when i was in first grade. I continued to grow more and more inspired, although when I reached high school, I had dropped my passion for it due to an unexpected tragedy in my family, which was the loss of my grandmother. My grandmother was a huge inspiration to me when it came to following my passion. She used to always push me and give me lectures about me getting an education and pursuing a true career. Losing her was one of the hardest things I’ve ever endured. However, I decided to continue to pursue what I have always known and loved, and decided to make it my major in college and re-ignite that passion I’ve always had, with the mentality that I will make my grandmother above and the rest of my family proud. I aspire to be an animator or a concept artist in the future, and pursue making a living out of what I love to do. I can imagine myself in the future creating beautiful and complex works of concept art, that can potentially be brought to life through a video game or a feature film. THAT is what I want to do, and be successful at. A few years from now, when technology advances even more than it already has, I wish to see my name in the credits of the newest blockbuster film or the hottest new video game release. Some words that describe me as a person are Timid, Stubborn, and Adventurous. Though I can be hard headed over small things sometimes, I’m pretty likeable and easy to get along with. I’m always the type to be very timid to speak when I’m around new people, but once you get to know me, I could talk about just about anything for days. I also love to discover and travel, and explore new things. Some things I’m into are baseball, DC comic heroes, drawing/creating/writing, anime, science fiction, horror and fantasy books, and traveling. I am more specifically a huge fan of the hunger games series,the Dragonball series, and Halo. I’m also really into Music and the performing arts (more specifically Broadway musicals), as I went to a performing arts high school, where I did many amazing things like be a part of huge concerts and shows, and met many famous music artists, performers, and actors.

There are many reasons and aspects as to why I chose this Avatar for my profile. My avatar consists of a piece of concept art created by Bungie Studios, for a video game called Destiny. Its almost like a design or blueprint, so to speak. A concept artist created this character and designed him, before creating it digitally through the game. Looking at the avatar, you can see the detail and information the artist input into these “blueprints”, and the very image he had in his head for this particular character. Not only am I a vivid player of the Destiny video game, but the art and character design in the game are simply fascinating to me. The aesthetic care and imagination that went into creating this “world” is mind blowing. Every time I play i can’t help but think of how amazing it would be to one day create such vivid and fantastical worlds and characters, and have them come to life in such a way. I aspire to be the one to create such concept art, after being inspired for so many years through movies, TV shows and other entertainment media.


Though my Avatar to me is a symbol of the passion I wish to pursue, there can be all types of interpretations as to why I chose it. Knowing a lot of people who are fans of the Destiny video game, anyone of those or other individuals could simply assume I just love the game. There could also be inferences that i have a pinpointed passion for just video games, which is not the case at all. Yes, I do love the game, but my main perspective is the art and passion that went into creating every single aspect of that game. Especially the concept art, which like I mentioned before, is something I’m pursuing to do. Through my entire profile, I wish to convey and make clear what I pursue, and how I plan to get there. I aspire to be the one to create such beautiful and fantastical worlds and characters, and make them come to life. I will continue to pursue this goal through education in the graphic arts.