Project #3: Draft

When people go for a walk there are different things people would like to see or do on that walk. Everyone has there own preferences of what type of walk they like to go on. For example, some people may like a nice quiet and peaceful walk, another person may like an exciting more beautiful walk with lots of sites to see and take in. Also the walk people take can relate to things they like and relate to their personality. Like for me I love to have fun, relax and enjoy the sights, and I also love food so I like to go places with different verities of food restaurants to dine at, either places I’ve never tried before or places I love like chipotle, and I also always want to be sure I have a way to get home from where I am at.


On the walk I chose to do has all the aspect I like and look for when I go for a walk. It has a place for transportation that is why it the walk starts by the A train on Jay St, the walk continues on to the metro tech area where there is a chipotle my favorite fast food restaurant and next to it is Five Guys: burgers and fries which is one of my favorite places to get a burger and free peanuts. There is a spot in the metro tech area that you can sit and relax and enjoy a book, eat your food, and just sit there and take in some fresh air. The end of this walk ends at the McLaughlin Park which has very nice basketball courts and I love to play basketball it is my favorite sport. When I think about taking this walk I get excited because all of the things I could do on this walk there is a little bit of everything beauty, fun, and relaxation.

Eng. Project #3 – The Route

You only live once thus you need to break off from your everyday routine and do new things every day, try new things, see new things. Enjoy life for what life is. And with this app it does just that. This app takes you away from your everyday boring walk to school and leads you in a new walk that will excite you and appreciate the way our planet really is.

Today’s new walking route will start from Hoyt – Schermerhorn, Brooklyn, NY, United States, and lead you to your destination at City Tech.

Instead of getting off the train at Jay Street MetroTech Station and walk for about 3 minutes to reach city tech, let’s take a new route and see the beauty around the City Tech Community. This new route will only take you about 16 minutes, 13 minutes more than your usual walk to school. The sense of this walk is to see beauty around us. Your new route will start from Hoyt – Schermerhorn train station, one stop before Jay Street MetroTech Station. Once you come out of the station, you will have to;

Head southeast on Schermerhorn Street toward Bond Street.

Then turn left onto Nevins Street.

Then turn left onto Flatbush Ave.

Then a slight Left onto Fulton Street.

Then turn right onto Bridge Street.

Then turn left towards Jay Street.

Then Turn right onto Jay Street.

Walk straight until you see City Tech.

While on this new route you will see so many beautiful things you have never seen or even know about. This walk will worth your wild. This description will not tell you what you will see, therefore you will have to see it for yourself in person for the first time. Nothing beats seeing something right in front of you rather than seeing it on a screen first.

However some locations you will see are below.