Consensus & Nebulous



 A general agreement about something

An idea or opinion that is shared by all the people in a group

Source: Merriam-Webster



Not clear

Difficult to see, understand, describe, etc.

Source: Merriam-Webster

I encountered both words from the reading expert, “What If You Could Choose Between the Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful?” by Lex Berko. This article was about how, people usually take the fastest route to their destination. However, what if there is a beautiful route that you can take but takes a little longer? The word consensus, agrees on a general or broad idea. Meaning, you just agree with someone like for example, “Yeah, I know there is more beautiful places in the city, but I rather get to my destination faster”. Which is agreeing to a broad idea, “Yeah, sure there is beautiful part of the city and I will eventually get to that”. Another word, nebulous means difficult to see. In my definition, I think that means “I do not understand the meaning, why would I want to choose the most beautiful” Cannot see the picture or to comprehend the meaning of seeing something beautiful, where they only thinks about moving forward. Taking the fastest route.



” the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers”

Source: Merrian-Webster Dictionary

During our reading of today’s article, this word came up as a way of describing how a certain group of people collected information about the opinion “Would you rather take the shortest route or the most beautiful?”



“harsh, unpleasant, or discordant sounds”

Source: Merrian-Webster Dictionary

This particular word came up during our trip to the Bric Gallery. While we discussed our environment, the word came up as a way to describe what we were hearing in a particular spot by some very loud construction.

ENG Project #2 in our Humuments

Ideas for how to represent Project #2 in our Humument projects:

  • opposites: represent good guy/bad guy (characters)
  • opposites: words (could relate to overlap in Project #2, could not)
  • 2 different pieces of artwork (different styles/principles) overlap on the page
  • overlapping language: maybe cross-crossing of the connecting lines that connect the words; leave some of the old page visible to convey the overlap of old and new; use some of the same words for both, even the same instances of those words
  • use space to represent the overlapping locations: large and small
  • use color, value, line, etc to represent the overlap
  • use of space: on the page we have words, maybe illustrations, page number, title on one page and maybe author or chapter title on the other in the header, color of the paper, margins. can we use margins to represent part of the overlap? facing pages? back-to-back pages–with ink bleeding through?
  • addition/subtraction: see through to the next page to represent the overlap? add words from one page to another
  • do you cross the threshold of the margin?

For Wednesday: bring in your book or sample pages to draft your Project#2-oriented Humument pages; final version by Monday 11/2

Annotating our reading:

English Project #2: Process

In the beginning of this project, I was nervous to start it. I didn’t know what exactly we had to do for this assignment. In class we learned about the word, juxtaposition. Hearing the word made me nervous more starting the project. From learning the meaning of the word, I slowly understood what we had to do for this project. For phase one, we had to go on a walk and find a location. In the beginning, I didn’t know what location I wanted to do and had to think about it. After going on a walk after class, I finally found what place I wanted to do. For my first draft, I had a hard time writing it. After the peer feedback, I decided to change the location. Writing the final essay felt easier than the first draft I wrote. But I still wasn’t satisfied with my final writing. It felt that it was short and I didn’t write all what I needed to write about. Overall the essay took about around 3 hours to do.

English Project #2 Process

At the beginning of this project, I first time heard the word juxtaposition, I have no idea of those word mean and what I have to write in this project. When I’m reading the project description, is about the overlap of different New Yorks from different period and different communities coexisting each other. On the walk of my choosing, that I already know what location I was going to go with, because of the place shows out the different view and easier to compare two different things in New York overlap in one place. I determined what to eliminate is something not important to put into my essay, also by reading comments to figure out the problem I missed. I keep changing my essay for every moment when some idea come to my mind, then lead to my essay might be unorganized and confused. by reading some classmate’s feedback improve my essay more clearly and easy to understand what I was talking about the overlap of different New Yorks. I took around twenty mins on brainstorming, one and half hours on outlining, two to three hours on drafting, one hours on  revising, and ten mins on polishing.