ENG Project #2 in our Humuments

Ideas for how to represent Project #2 in our Humument projects:

  • opposites: represent good guy/bad guy (characters)
  • opposites: words (could relate to overlap in Project #2, could not)
  • 2 different pieces of artwork (different styles/principles) overlap on the page
  • overlapping language: maybe cross-crossing of the connecting lines that connect the words; leave some of the old page visible to convey the overlap of old and new; use some of the same words for both, even the same instances of those words
  • use space to represent the overlapping locations: large and small
  • use color, value, line, etc to represent the overlap
  • use of space: on the page we have words, maybe illustrations, page number, title on one page and maybe author or chapter title on the other in the header, color of the paper, margins. can we use margins to represent part of the overlap? facing pages? back-to-back pages–with ink bleeding through?
  • addition/subtraction: see through to the next page to represent the overlap? add words from one page to another
  • do you cross the threshold of the margin?

For Wednesday: bring in your book or sample pages to draft your Project#2-oriented Humument pages; final version by Monday 11/2

Annotating our reading: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UPbSIXA3-bF6g-7gqPNszGJh7y0S20tOccfSHitGTO4/edit?usp=sharing

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