English Project #2: Process

In the beginning of this project, I was nervous to start it. I didn’t know what exactly we had to do for this assignment. In class we learned about the word, juxtaposition. Hearing the word made me nervous more starting the project. From learning the meaning of the word, I slowly understood what we had to do for this project. For phase one, we had to go on a walk and find a location. In the beginning, I didn’t know what location I wanted to do and had to think about it. After going on a walk after class, I finally found what place I wanted to do. For my first draft, I had a hard time writing it. After the peer feedback, I decided to change the location. Writing the final essay felt easier than the first draft I wrote. But I still wasn’t satisfied with my final writing. It felt that it was short and I didn’t write all what I needed to write about. Overall the essay took about around 3 hours to do.

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