English Project #2 Process

At the beginning of this project, I first time heard the word juxtaposition, I have no idea of those word mean and what I have to write in this project. When I’m reading the project description, is about the overlap of different New Yorks from different period and different communities coexisting each other. On the walk of my choosing, that I already know what location I was going to go with, because of the place shows out the different view and easier to compare two different things in New York overlap in one place. I determined what to eliminate is something not important to put into my essay, also by reading comments to figure out the problem I missed. I keep changing my essay for every moment when some idea come to my mind, then lead to my essay might be unorganized and confused. by reading some classmate’s feedback improve my essay more clearly and easy to understand what I was talking about the overlap of different New Yorks. I took around twenty mins on brainstorming, one and half hours on outlining, two to three hours on drafting, one hours on  revising, and ten mins on polishing.

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