Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

This phase of the project relates to the previous phases because in the previous phases we sketch our artifacts in an interesting way. Then we chose four and ink them. In this phase we chose two of the inked compositions and transform them into paper. Therefore the previous phases led to out final product.

Cut Paper Compositions

Final Product
Final Product

The Stable composition took 20 minutes, The Ambiguous composition took 30 minutes, in total (including drawing the rectangles) took an hour.

2 thoughts on “Urban Artifacts: Phase 3”

  1. By placing these two similar compositions next to one another, I feel as though there’s a story to be told here. Since the stable image comes first, it could be said that it is the “before” picture, where a spire sits upon a craggy rock, but in time, something happens to turn it into what it is in the second, “after” picture. The rock on which the spire used to stand alone has rounded and seems to have sprouted not only another pointed structure (albeit at a slant), but a sparsely leafed tree which greatly towers over them both. Interpretation aside, the shapes formed in the negative space of your ambiguous image are interesting to look at. Although there seems to be more room on the right side of that image for the formation of other shapes, I feel like you were trying to exercise a lot of economy with that arrangement.

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