COMD Class 2 | Figure Ground & Design Process

September 2, 2015 Materials needed for THIS CLASS (see Supply List for details): the 3+ artifacts you found on your walk (or new ones if your prefer) used/found book (this can be any book of your choosing!) sketch book for COMD1100 only (9″x12″ or similar) Pad of Bristol board (9”x12” 2-ply smooth plate finish) roll of tracing […]

COMD1100 Homework Reminder

Homework for COMD1100 is always found at the bottom of the previous class outline.

For Wednesday’s class:

  1. Become a member of our OpenLab course:
  2. Explore the class website:

Materials needed for WEDNESDAY’S CLASS:

** Note: if you are unable to afford these items due to financial aid delays, please make arrangements with a classmate to borrow or share supplies next class.