COMD 1100 Notice

Scans and Slices are ready!

  • If you completed your inked mashup on time, I’ve scanned and sliced your images for you. You’re welcome! 🙂
  • Find your hi-res and sliced images for animation in this Dropbox folder. Select your name and click Download > Download as zip.
  • If you didn’t finish your inked mashup on time, please scan and slice your image using the guidelines found in Class 10.
  • Creating animations takes time. Please don’t wait until Tuesday night to start.
  • If you need help contact me!

COMD1100 Homework Reminder

Homework for COMD1100 is always found at the bottom of the previous class outline.

For Wednesday’s class:

  1. Become a member of our OpenLab course:
  2. Explore the class website:

Materials needed for WEDNESDAY’S CLASS:

** Note: if you are unable to afford these items due to financial aid delays, please make arrangements with a classmate to borrow or share supplies next class.