Classwork Pickup

Students from Fall 2015 can pickup their classwork from my office N1127 on the following dates. IMPORTANT: Please let me know if you plan to stop by. If you don’t confirm, I may not be in my office. Friday, March 4th, 11:30-12pm Thursday, March 10th, 12:45-1:45pm. Please contact me to CONFIRM. Hope you are having a wonderful semester! Print this page

COMD Class 15 | Painting Lab

October 28, 2015 What’s Due? Broad and Narrow Value Collages finished. Come prepared to work on Painting. Materials needed:  Painting Supplies: white and black gouache paints sable-type watercolor brushes (do not buy brushes for acrylic or oil) FLAT:  1/2″ angle, #4 ROUND: #1, #5 two water containers (yogurt cups, soda bottles with tops cut off, soup cans) […]

COMD Class 14 | Collage Crit & Painting

October 26, 2015 What’s Due? Complete Project #3: Phase 2. (Do Not GLUE!) Come ready to work on your paintings. Rework Project #3 Phase 1: Value Range Research Posts and Value Scale Research (Grayscale), if necessary. Materials Needed: Collage: Sketchbook, pencils, eraser, knife/scissors, ruler/T-square, drafting tape Painting: white and black gouache paints sable-type watercolor brushes (do not buy brushes for acrylic […]

COMD Class 13 | FIELD TRIP + Project 3 Work

October 21, 2015 What’s DUE? VALUE RANGE RESEARCH: Post your paragraphs and 2 images (high key and low key) to the class blog (see Project #3: Phase 1 Guidelines.) Don’t forget to comment on at least 3 other students posts. Bring in the completed value scale exercise we started in class. HUMUMENT Work: Post an image or image gallery […]

COMD Class 6 | Critique and Humument

September 21, 2015 Class Prep ALL PARTS OF Project #1 are DUE. Bring all work to class for critique. Label your inked thumbnails and cut paper compositions ON THE BACK with your full name and the project number (ie: Project #1) Protect your work with tracing paper and transport in a portfolio (refer to recent demo). Materials needed THIS class: Sketchbook […]

COMD Class 5 | Cut Paper Compositions

September 16th, 2015 Materials needed THIS class (see Supply List for specifics): 14×17″ Bristol black drawing paper scissors exacto knife glue ruler/t-square pencils tape sketchbook (always) FINISHED Inked Sketches Project Review Take a moment to read through ALL of the Project #1 guidelines. Reform your groups from last class and discuss the project goal and requirements. Make sure […]

COMD Class 3 | More Figure Ground

September 9th, 2015 Groupwork Review (15 min) Students break into groups and review project Principles: Figure-Ground (Obvious and Ambiguous) Group Unity and Economy Group Research and discuss your group’s concepts. Use the following guidelines and outcomes. Designate 1 speaker and 1 idea recorder Make a free-flowing list of ideas related to your concept. Refine principle definitions in your […]