COMD Class 5 | Cut Paper Compositions

September 16th, 2015 Materials needed THIS class (see Supply List for specifics): 14×17″ Bristol black drawing paper scissors exacto knife glue ruler/t-square pencils tape sketchbook (always) FINISHED Inked Sketches Project Review Take a moment to read through ALL of the Project #1 guidelines. Reform your groups from last class and discuss the project goal and requirements. Make sure […]

Project #1 Draft #2 Introducing Yourself

Hey, My name is Xingfu, but I prefer people call me Ruky! I’m from ZheJiang, China, 18 years old. I came to NY 4 years ago, still learning English. My major is graphic design, I haven’t decide what i want to be in future yet. currently I’m interest post videos on YouTube. I like to listen music that does not have lyric (don’t know what people called those kind of music). I spend most of my free time playing games and making videos of game play, most of the games I play are GTA v, Minecraft, and League of legends. I also watch anime, my favorite anime is one piece, Fairy tail, and Pokemon.

The avatar of mine is one of my drawing, I hope people can see me from this drawing. In my avatar, the boy has red hair which is my favorite color. The halo means sometime I’m act silly. Hand covering mouth, I’m very shy when first meet people, but when we become good friends, I will show more of my self and they will be thinking “oh! so this is his ultimate form!”  The wings, people some time think I have two different personality, because sometime I made people feel I’m a very friendly and peaceful person, nice to talk with. But some time I make them feel like I’m ruthless. Anyway, the point is I don’t have two personality. The poor looking clothes means that i’m not born in a wealthy family, but not that poor. The drawing is exaggerated.

People might think my avatar differently. The wings, I think most people will think that the wings means i have multiple personality, or double standard of my mind. The halo, people might think that i’m good person, but actually I’m not.

My profile will convey that my personality is not exactly like how my avatar have shown. This matter because i don’t want people think how I am by looking my avatar. And I hope people can know more about me by reading my profile.

Ruky's avatar


noun / cos·mo·pol·i·tan

the ideology that all human beings belong to a single community, based on a shared morality.

(SOURCE – Wikipedia)

This word was found in the reading Univers Strikes Back, “the Princeton philosopher and ethicist born and raised in Ghana, has questioned the values of multiculturalism in the name of a new “cosmopolitanism,” literally, “world citizenship.”  Now I understand that this word means a thought that all human had same by sharing morality.


noun ho·mo·ge·ne·i·ty \ˌhō-mə-jə-ˈnē-ə-tē, -ˈnā- also ÷-ˈnī-; especially British ˌhä-\
Definition of HOMOGENEITY

1: the quality or state of being homogeneous
2: the state of having identical cumulative distribution function or values

I found this word in the reading for the week Universe Strikes Back by Ellen Lupton and I’m thinking she means the second definition where there are identical functions someone can have within them selves.

Project #1 Draft #2 Introducing Yourself (Jingyi)

My name is Jingyi and I was born in China, came to US when I was 13 years old. Before I came to live in here, I only know the easiest sentences for greeting just like “hello” or “how are you”. So it took me a hard time and a long period to try to communicate with others. My English is still improving. Hopefully, I would become voluble and loquacious in English after I graduate college. I graduated from Midwood High School locates next to the Brooklyn College. During the time to make a final decision for the  college that I had to enrolled to, I abnegated the Brooklyn College, and chosen City Tech. I love to draw the manga, to read manga, and to watch anime began from childhood. Even many years later, the passion for it never changed. I determined my future career must to be related to anime and design, such as animator, manga artist, graphic designer, and or the voice actress for anime only. However, these are my occupation insight before this summer. I am now simultaneously interested in creating a film as well. I got this consideration during this summer when I was volunteering at the creative department of a TV station names NTD ( New Tang Dynasty). As a staff volunteer I went for advertising photography for once with an advertisement crew. The director was stylish, voluble, and with  a strong capability of dictating . I was fascinated with that ability, imagined if that was me, I felt to be a director is a right occupation for me to express my creative and direct ability. So now I add in a new future career in my consideration list which is the director. Apparently, this would be the reason why I was chosen to enrolled to the City Tech, based on the name of the college, New York City College Of Technology, it obviously indicates they do teach a lot about the computer program usage, which means it also includes the graphic design, film editing and animation courses.

The appearance of my avatar is a full shot of a Calico cat who’s acting in a humorous funny position. This is an anime Calico cat. He tightly stuck his face on the camera lens that taking a photo of him. He has a big eyes, small mouse, and a huge puffy face. This is a picture from an anime named Natsume’s Book of Friends, which is one of my favorite anime with healing style. By observing the cat from my avatar, he is a Calico cat likes to do the stupid things, and usually fooling around and making trouble. He also likes to eat a lot and fall in sleep for a long time, day by day never reduced, the appetite leads to his body and face shapes become puffy as what you see how he looks like now. He is lazy, crazy, and comical, but he is also friendly, playful, and sensitive.

My avatar can be considerate in a few different ways. Some people might misunderstand it as my avatar is just showing how comical, silly, and slothful the Calico cat is, but there actually are more tiny contents in this avatar that you haven’t noticed. Avatar, can be said that is my inner reflection. Calico cat stuck on the camera lens is not part of his fooling, it can be defined as he pursues to get closer to the others, wants to make friends, wants to help, and wants to encounter with more people. He desired to catch more attention from the people, so he wouldn’t be alone.

My complete profile will convey who I am. What am I good at and bad at, what I don’t like and do like, what my career goal is, and what my hobby is. My overall life would never live without anime and manga. I’ll be glad if I got a chance to go to Japan, so I could visit the place where Japanese anime produced and met with those amazing manga artists. I wish I could visit there in the near future.