• Verb
  • to cause people to become so excited or concerned about an issue, idea, etc., that they want to do something about it.
  • haunting image of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi dead on the beach after he, his brother and mother drowned attempting to cross from Turkey to Greece has galvanized many in the GTA when it comes to the Syrian refugee crisis.(,
  • After the death of the three years old Syrian refugee people are very upset. They really want things to change for these refugee. They are getting together to do their best to help out these people that are without a place to go. People wants change and instead of sitting down and complaining about the problem they’re being part of the change that they demand.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 1: Discover

My  Discovery

The three objects I close to write about are rock, nail, and chocolate. I found all three objects in the corner where located in the different place near the street. They are dirty and full with dirts. I believe no one would pick them up. The rock I found is round and smooth. Its yellow and looks pretty to me. The chocolate is also round, and the color is red. I think it was someone careless dropped this chocolate on the ground, then he just walked away without it. The nail is the oldest object in the all objects I found. It’s made of iron, smells like blood, dirty, and get rusty.

Sketches: Each one consisted of approximately 15 minutes each/ 3 hour overall.


IMG_4848 IMG_4849 IMG_4852 IMG_4853 IMG_4854 IMG_4855


IMG_4844 IMG_4845 IMG_4846 IMG_4847 IMG_4850 IMG_4851

Discovery: Avatars

Person Avatar: Ayano


What I Observe:


Student uniform

Sharp eyes

Holding a board with Kanji


The anime avatar indicates the user is a fandom of anime.

The student uniform tells me she is a student.

Those sharp eyes to me means she is a careful though and a smart person.

Kanji is a kind of letter uses in Japan. It shows she is a person relates to Japan.


I choose this anime avatar of Ayano to write about is because I love anime and Ayano is also the first friend I made in this college. Those sharp eyes and Anger brows of her anime avatar makes me feel she had a powerful and smart mental, but her one hand is covered on her chest, this action makes me think she also has a weak side not always been strong. The student uniform exactly told me she is a student, and there she really is a college student. Kanji is a kind of letter uses in Japan. It shows she is a person relates to Japan. Judging from her appearance in the class she looks like an Asian, just not sure where she from. If she’s from Japan then the avatar with Kanji is not surprising me.

Connection to the member:

Almost all anime fans are using the anime picture to be their avatars, so I bet for 90% she’s an anime fan and after I read her biography I am more convinced of this and she does relate to Japan. In her biography says she grew up in Japan and her dream is to become an animator who creates anime characters through drawing/digitally. This clearly shows up her ambition and passion for Japanese anime, and I hope she would be succeeded.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 1: Discover

                                                      My Discovery

The three objects I discovered consist of a metro card, a beer can, and a cigarette end. The reason I picked those three items up was that I saw kind of a connection between them. And there was a word comes up to my mind when I put them together at the first time— PRESSURE. ¬†I can imagine that there is a man going into a subway station with his metro card. The subway takes him to his work place. After working for a whole day, he feels a lot of pressure from competition, and his boss. He is looking for some relaxation. So he starts smoking and drinking. And left a cigarette end and a beer can on the street. The metro card is in a geometric shape, having lines, corners, and edges and giving me a neatly feeling. The beer can and the cigarette end are very different from the metro card. They are in organic shape. Both of them are bended, having jagged edges. They look irregular and 3D.

Sketches: each drawing took around 7-10 minus/ an hour in total



















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Lovely weekend to you all.



Discovery: Avatars

Avatar: Ruky

What I observe:

  • A boy that hiding his mouth and one of his hand
  • Having gloomy eyes
  • Wearing wrinkled clothes
  • Having a angel wing and a devil wing


  • Hiding his mouth and his hand make me feel like he is shy and not confident
  • Gloomy eyes to me mean he is not a very positive person
  • Wrinkled clothes to me means he didn’t grow up in a very wealthy family
  • The wings probably mean he has multiple¬†personality


I chose this avatar because I can see myself from it. We are probably the same kind of person. In the avatar, I see a boy hiding his his mouth, by doing this, I feel like he is shy and afraid to talk. And he is also hiding his his hand, that makes me feel like he is not a confident person. The boy’s eyes are gloomy, he also might be a negative person. The wings attract me the most in this avatar. The angel wing means he can be¬†a very good person. But the devil wing means he can also be a very bad person in some situation. From the two different wings, I also feel like he could be different person in front of different people. He might be talkative ¬†in front of the people that he knows well, but shy in front of the people that he does not know.

I’m not sure if my interpretations are correct. But I still feel like¬†this avatar and Ruky having kind of a connection.