Discovery: Avatars

Person Avatar: Ayano


What I Observe:


Student uniform

Sharp eyes

Holding a board with Kanji


The anime avatar indicates the user is a fandom of anime.

The student uniform tells me she is a student.

Those sharp eyes to me means she is a careful though and a smart person.

Kanji is a kind of letter uses in Japan. It shows she is a person relates to Japan.


I choose this anime avatar of Ayano to write about is because I love anime and Ayano is also the first friend I made in this college. Those sharp eyes and Anger brows of her anime avatar makes me feel she had a powerful and smart mental, but her one hand is covered on her chest, this action makes me think she also has a weak side not always been strong. The student uniform exactly told me she is a student, and there she really is a college student. Kanji is a kind of letter uses in Japan. It shows she is a person relates to Japan. Judging from her appearance in the class she looks like an Asian, just not sure where she from. If she’s from Japan then the avatar with Kanji is not surprising me.

Connection to the member:

Almost all anime fans are using the anime picture to be their avatars, so I bet for 90% she’s an anime fan and after I read her biography I am more convinced of this and she does relate to Japan. In her biography says she grew up in Japan and her dream is to become an animator who creates anime characters through drawing/digitally. This clearly shows up her ambition and passion for Japanese anime, and I hope she would be succeeded.

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  1. It’s nice that you chose to write about someone you already know, perhaps as a way to get to know her better. For this assignment, it would be helpful to write about someone you don’t necessarily know so you can let the avatar and profile speak for the person. That way, you’re basing your observations and interpretations solely on what is available on the OpenLab. Then your first paragraph wouldn’t contain facts about the person–that would go into the second paragraph, based on the profile available.

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