Urban Artifacts: Phase 1: Discover

                                                      My Discovery

The three objects I discovered consist of a metro card, a beer can, and a cigarette end. The reason I picked those three items up was that I saw kind of a connection between them. And there was a word comes up to my mind when I put them together at the first time— PRESSURE.  I can imagine that there is a man going into a subway station with his metro card. The subway takes him to his work place. After working for a whole day, he feels a lot of pressure from competition, and his boss. He is looking for some relaxation. So he starts smoking and drinking. And left a cigarette end and a beer can on the street. The metro card is in a geometric shape, having lines, corners, and edges and giving me a neatly feeling. The beer can and the cigarette end are very different from the metro card. They are in organic shape. Both of them are bended, having jagged edges. They look irregular and 3D.

Sketches: each drawing took around 7-10 minus/ an hour in total



















1 thought on “Urban Artifacts: Phase 1: Discover”

  1. Hello, I like how you put all the artifacts in one drawing. I noticed that you used these artifacts to represent one big thing. However, I would like to see bunch of drawing that consists little of ground spaces. If you check my drawing, you can see that I used most of the ground spaces. I should also use your idea to leave ground spaces as well.

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