Project#1 Introduction(Final)

My name is Ying Yang. I came from Kai Ping, China. It is a small town, but I love it. I can speak Mandarin and Cantonese, but my English is still improving. I have been lived in New York for 3 years. I graduated from New Utrecht High School. I’m a quiet person most of the time. I’m someone who open heart slowly, but an easy-going type. I don’t want anyone to supervise me. Freedom is important to me. But sometimes I think I am kind of conservative. I like traditional things. And I’m afraid of change. And I think that is one of my weakness. I will try to do more changes in my life. I really like to listen classic music and watch classic movie. Classic is the best! I always stay alone. I like to do things on myself. I love to stay home and play games. If I left my home for more than three days, I will miss it a lot.  Sometimes I also play basketball and watch any kinds of TV show. When I was in middle school in China, I had a great passion of basketball. I played it a lot, almost like everyday. I even cut my class for playing basketball. I also made a lot of friends by playing basketball. I always went out and hated to stay home. But after I came to US. from China, I changed a lot.  When I just got here, I didn’t understand what people saying. I couldn’t communicate with others. So after school, I almost never went to anywhere. And I started staying home and playing games. I don’t know after how long, I get used of it. But I would still go out for playing basketball and buying clothes.


The reason I chose this avatar is that it expresses the way I want to live. In the avatar, there is a man on a boat. Probably he is going home after fishing. He is on an empty lake. The water is as clean as a mirror. There are some yellow trees on the shore. So it is probably fall. Fall is my favorite season. There are  lots of  black space that makes this picture looks very quiet. Expressing one of my personality.  This place is natural and peace. This man is living a simple life. There is no pollution, noise, electronic product. I really hope I can live in a place like this. This avatar could mislead people to think I’m an indifferent person. People would think I don’t like to communicate with others. Because there is man on a small boat by only himself; the background is dark; and the trees are yellow. But in fact, I am glad to make more friends. What this avatar want to expresses is I want to live a quiet, comfortable, simple life.

My profile will conveys my personality and what I like to do. By looking at my profile, you can see I am a quiet person who loves freedom but also kind of conservative. Also you can see I like to stay home and play games.



  • adjective
  • completely unwilling to change : very stubborn
  •  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary
  • Int’l conf. calls for sanctions on Israel to change intransigent policies (
  • Without knowing the meaning of the world I was completely confused about what the author had to say. I couldn’t tell if it’s a good thing or bad thing. After I learned the definition I was more comfortable and confident about reading rest of the article