Project#1 Introduction(Final)

My name is Ying Yang. I came from Kai Ping, China. It is a small town, but I love it. I can speak Mandarin and Cantonese, but my English is still improving.¬†I have been lived in New York for 3 years. I graduated from New Utrecht High School. I’m a quiet person most of the time. I’m someone who open heart slowly, but an easy-going type. I don’t want anyone to supervise me. Freedom is important to me. But¬†sometimes I think I am kind of conservative. I like traditional things. And I’m afraid of change. And I think that is one of my weakness. I will¬†try to do more changes in my life. I really like to listen classic music and watch classic movie. Classic is the best! I always stay alone. I like to do things on myself. I love to stay home and play games. If I left my home for more than three days, I will miss it a lot. ¬†Sometimes I also play basketball and watch any kinds of TV show. When I was in middle school in China, I had a great passion of basketball. I played it a lot, almost like everyday. I even cut my class for playing basketball. I also made a lot of friends by playing basketball. I always went out and hated to stay home. But after I came to US. from China, I changed a lot. ¬†When I just got here, I didn’t understand what people saying. I couldn’t communicate with others. So after school, I almost never went to anywhere. And I started staying home and playing games. I don’t know after how long, I get used of it. But I would still go out for playing basketball and buying clothes.


The reason I chose this avatar is that it expresses the way I want to live. In the avatar, there is a man on a boat. Probably he is going home after fishing. He is on an empty lake. The water is as clean as a mirror. There are some yellow trees on the shore. So¬†it is probably¬†fall. Fall is my favorite season. There are ¬†lots of ¬†black space that makes this picture looks very quiet. Expressing one of my personality. ¬†This place is natural and peace. This man is living¬†a simple life. There is no pollution, noise,¬†electronic product. I really hope I can live in a place like this. This avatar could mislead people to think I’m an indifferent person. People would think I don’t like to communicate with others. Because there is man¬†on a small boat by only himself; the background is dark; and the trees are yellow. But in fact, I am glad to make more friends.¬†What this avatar want to expresses is I want to live a quiet, comfortable, simple life.

My profile will conveys my personality and what I like to do. By looking at my profile, you can see I am a quiet person who loves freedom but also kind of conservative. Also you can see I like to stay home and play games.


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