Discovery: Avatars

Avatar: Ruky

What I observe:

  • A boy that hiding his mouth and one of his hand
  • Having gloomy eyes
  • Wearing wrinkled clothes
  • Having a angel wing and a devil wing


  • Hiding his mouth and his hand make me feel like he is shy and not confident
  • Gloomy eyes to me mean he is not a very positive person
  • Wrinkled clothes to me means he didn’t grow up in a very wealthy family
  • The wings probably mean he has multiple personality


I chose this avatar because I can see myself from it. We are probably the same kind of person. In the avatar, I see a boy hiding his his mouth, by doing this, I feel like he is shy and afraid to talk. And he is also hiding his his hand, that makes me feel like he is not a confident person. The boy’s eyes are gloomy, he also might be a negative person. The wings attract me the most in this avatar. The angel wing means he can be a very good person. But the devil wing means he can also be a very bad person in some situation. From the two different wings, I also feel like he could be different person in front of different people. He might be talkative  in front of the people that he knows well, but shy in front of the people that he does not know.

I’m not sure if my interpretations are correct. But I still feel like this avatar and Ruky having kind of a connection.


2 thoughts on “Discovery: Avatars”

  1. Thank you YingYang for choose my avatar, and your interpretation is very good except one thing, that is the gloomy eyes, I used to be a negative person, until I realize that this is all life about. I have already got use to it. ^^

  2. In your post, you write about how you interpret the character in the avatar. How does this avatar offer you a sense of the member, in this case Ruky? What inferences can you make and what opinions do you form about the member from looking carefully at this avatar? Since Jay already chose this avatar, I would have liked you to choose a different one. What is different about your observations and interpretations compared to his?

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