Project #1 Draft #2 Introducing Yourself

Hey, My name is Xingfu, but I prefer people call me Ruky! I’m from ZheJiang, China, 18 years old. I came to NY 4 years ago, still learning English. My major is graphic design, I haven’t decide what i want to be in future yet. currently I’m interest post videos on YouTube. I like to listen music that does not have lyric (don’t know what people called those kind of music). I spend most of my free time playing games and making videos of game play, most of the games I play are GTA v, Minecraft, and League of legends. I also watch anime, my favorite anime is one piece, Fairy tail, and Pokemon.

The avatar of mine is one of my drawing, I hope people can see me from this drawing. In my avatar, the boy has red hair which is my favorite color. The halo means sometime I’m act silly. Hand covering mouth, I’m very shy when first meet people, but when we become good friends, I will show more of my self and they will be thinking “oh! so this is his ultimate form!”  The wings, people some time think I have two different personality, because sometime I made people feel I’m a very friendly and peaceful person, nice to talk with. But some time I make them feel like I’m ruthless. Anyway, the point is I don’t have two personality. The poor looking clothes means that i’m not born in a wealthy family, but not that poor. The drawing is exaggerated.

People might think my avatar differently. The wings, I think most people will think that the wings means i have multiple personality, or double standard of my mind. The halo, people might think that i’m good person, but actually I’m not.

My profile will convey that my personality is not exactly like how my avatar have shown. This matter because i don’t want people think how I am by looking my avatar. And I hope people can know more about me by reading my profile.

Ruky's avatar

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