Urban Artifact: Phase 4

In this project, I learned the figure-ground relationship. At first, we picked up 3 artifacts on the street and arranged them on a piece of white paper to create a figure-ground relationship. I learned that art could be everywhere around the world. Then we sketched 6 obvious and 6 ambiguous figure-ground compositions. Everybody created a different work. They all had their own idea and style, so all the works were special. For ambiguous , I made lots of mistake. Most of  my peers said that all my ambiguous seems like stable. And I learned that I should put more objects to the ground to make them ambiguous. And in final part, we learned how to use the exacto knife. I think it was cool to use the knife. And I really like to do the cut out. I think what I could have done better is planning. Every time after I finished my work, I always felt like I should move this objects to there or maybe I should remove this objects. So for next project, I think I need to think more and make a satisfied plan in mind before I do the work.


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  1. I am surprised to hear someone say he had fun when he using the exacto knife. I was very nervous after hearing the story of someone used an exacto knife and cut themselves. I was full of hand sweat, so I only used an exacto knife for only one of my figure-ground, I used scissors for the rest of them.

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