Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

For this project, I learned the difference between a stable and an ambiguous figure-ground and also the interest by using garbage to create an art work. At the beginning I didn’t have any thoughts for these figure-grounds, so when I was creating a stable figure-ground I just picked up any item and tracing it on the middle area of the figure-ground without any thoughts of the composition. Because of it, one of my ambiguous figure-ground was messed, the composition was uncoordinated, if I have a second chance to redo it I believe I could fix it into a better looking. This project gives me a good experience for the figure-ground relationships and compositions. I could use this technique to create stable and ambiguous shapes for the book homework.


2 thoughts on “Urban Artifacts: Phase 4”

  1. I agree with you. I done it also to fix my design if I could. I really like one of your final drawing, where the contrast between two day and night, it is very intriguing. I hope it helps the next project!

  2. Judging from your final compositions (especially the night/day one), it seems like you have a natural affinity for this sort of thing. Sometimes you can get inspiration from not thinking about what you’re trying to come up with, but I agree that it helps to give more effort to planning, especially with regards to the project objectives. I personally could have tried for some more designs myself. For the photo though, it would have been nice to have gotten everything you did for this project into the shot so we could see your progression from the beginning sketches all the way to the finished cutouts. I think it will be interesting to see what you come up with next.

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